Exploding dwarf Vs Exploding dwarf

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Heya splinter fellas,

Ok, I've taken the battle of ts-neoxian instead of my own account, the reason is pretty simple because I loved that battle and I wanted to share with the world :P XD LOl joke but yea this battle is worth watching so there you go let's get straight on the battle and after that, we will see what actually happened.

MY Battle 🏆


Ts-neoxian Vs Adelka

For splinterlands weekly challenges, I use my own account. I have maxed exploding dwarf and could have shared one of my own battles but those who don't know let me tell you that I play ts-neoxian so I reserve the right to share the battle of ts-neoxian. Now the real question is when I had maxed dwarf then why I went with this battle so the answer is I don't have Plado Emberstormand exploding dwarf goes insane with Plado Emberstorm. Well i have used it with pyre as well and I won the battle but nothing can replace Plado Emberstorm when it comes to the Exploding dwarf. And the rules I was given were perfect for exploding dwarf. As expected my opponent came up with the same line-up. But I added a little bit twist I placed my Halfling Alchemist in the second position and also my line-up was a little bit different than my opponent but the cards were same except Halfling Alchemist.

Let's discuss the line-up.

My Line-up

Exploding Dwarf

I used Exploding Dwarf the theme of the week in the first position. Well, yep when you are given equalizer rule then you use Exploding Dwarf in the first place. rest in melee mayhem you can set it wherever you want. My Exploding Dwarf hit the target first but in return, target retaliated. Retaliation cost me 2 monsters first my dwarf and 2nd I lost my Halfling. Well, when redemption did favour me.

gif sp.gif

Halfling Alchemist

I used Halfling Alchemist in second place. Yep, I needed its redemton that's why i used it in the second position.

gif sp.gif

Flame Monkey

I used Flame Monkey in third place. I really love this 1 mana monster seriously. I wonder why it is just a common card in the first place. With repair and swiftness, it deserved to be at least rare anyways no problem 😂.

gif sp.gif

Goblin Shaman

I used the Goblin Shaman in the 4th position. I literally wanted to kill the speed and wanted to snatch the life of my opponent's monsters evil me😂.

gif sp.gif

Flame Imp

I used Flame Imp in 5th place. Again I used Flame Imp for swiftness.

gif sp.gif

Creeping ooze
I used Creeping ooze in the last position. It actually helped. When my opponent's Creeping ooze got killed then my monsters got +1 speed and that's where the game changed. Because of 1 extra speed, my monsters were attacking first and hence I won this battle. So be very careful while placing your monsters. Because right placement does matter ;)

gif sp.gif




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Very nice! I knew we would have a Retaliate, but this redemption right away was great!

yea Maria the killer. 😂

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Whoa. That was a little crazy.
First, I was like, "WHY ALCHEMIST IN 2nd?!?!" but then I see...
Placement is SO important.
Also, side note: I thought it was pretty funny that with equalizer it was still only a 6 health. 😅