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Life itself is a game so let's enjoy it while playing :P ;) I used to ignore clove ma'am tournaments because they are always late-night and they are an old-school type of tournaments. Yes, the traditional way to play tournaments. Now I am so addicted to any time tournaments that its hard to play such kind of tournaments. The most annoying part check-in if you are busy doing something else and it skipped from your mind then you can't play. So just to make sure I don't forget about check-in I set an alarm.

Timing is always according to the time-zone where I live. I was feeling damn sleepy but still, I checked-in. I checked-in from two accounts. My own account xawi and ts-neoxian. Since my own account doesn't have all summoners and cards so I wasn't sure about if i could be able to win anything. But rules favoured me and I made it to the top 4.
Top 4 my opponent was ts-neoxian I mean me vs me. I had to take a quick decision on what to do. If I go with my own account then in final my opponent would be Dosh(marianaemilia) or coolbowser(byza the looter). Though i already defeated byza in the previous round with my own account rules were in my favour. What if I don't get such rules in the final? so I decided to go with ts-neoxian. At that time the only thing was in my mind I wanted to win that tournament. Either 10k Dec or nothing :P XD

I fled against ts-neoxian. Now ts was in finals and I was waiting for my opponent. Marianaemilia defeated byza and now the final was among two splinterland girls Xawi vs marianaemilia.

She won the first battle. I will admit i went with a dumb lineup. It was an equalizer rule and I preferred to rely on Prince instead of water splinter. Well, I won the next three battles and I won this tournament by 3-1. That was a great tournament because @clove71 ma'am does live twitch of the tournament. It was quite a fantastic feeling when she was clicking on my battles to check my line-ups. Also by participating in her live twitch you can win amazing prizes :P XD I won but chicken. That wheel selected chicken for me :(


Anyways it is what it is. Final Round we played 4 battles

Ts-neoxian vs Dosh Battle 1


Ts-neoxian vs Dosh Battle 2


Ts-neoxian vs Dosh Battle 3


Ts-neoxian vs Dosh Battle 3


That was an amazing win. I loved playing against Maria in the final and the most fantastic thing about this tournament as it was among two splinterland girls. So yep don't underestimate girls ;) Well on the blockchain I consider we all are genderless human beings :P XD so for me, genre doesn't matter really ;) Thank you so much @clove71 for all the love you give us.

Champion 😎


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I want to try playing some of the anytime tournaments, but I have to figure out how that works because I'm using a leased account. If there is an entrance fee, I'm not sure how I can pay it with that account. I'll look into it, though, because I loved the idea of those anytime tournaments when I first heard about them, but then I sort of abandoned the game altogether because I thought I had better things to be doing with my time. It turns out that wasn't really true. haha.

heheh well you should try and yep there is only 10dec entry fee which is very feasible. Anytime tournaments are the best now i can play all tournaments i used to miss due to timing issue. Yea I see you after so long welcome back

This is a funny story, makes me laugh.

I see :P XD

Congrats. Thanks for sharing.

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