Giant Squid - The most horrifying monster of the ocean

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Oh yes, I am super excited about this week challenge because I just upgraded my one more untamed card because of this challenge :P XD Though it's not maxed yet, soon it will be and one more important aspect about this week challenge theme. I've never used this card and this challenge made me use this card then I got to know the worth of this card. Wait are you thinking what I am talking about? then there is an answer to your question SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! and the challenge theme is Giant Squid.

Giant Squid

Giant Squid An Untamed edition rare card belongs to the water element. Most dangerous monster in the ocean.
Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: RARE
Element: WATER
Current Trade Value: $0.04. It has two abilities. Blind and Weaken. Blind ability is really something. when you will watch my battle you will get to know how it helped me and made my battle totally one-sided.

Blind ability increases the chances of missing the opponent shots. This is what happened in my battle. Opponent's Sabre Shark seemed totally helpless. Couldn't attack even once.

pro tip about blind ability. This ability can do more wonders if you use it with dodge ability monster. So try this out and thanks me later :P XD

Weaken ability decreases the -1 health of all the opponent's monster. My own giant squid doesn't have this ability yet because it is just level 6. For this ability, your giant squid needs to be maxed.

Battle Link🏆


gif sp.gif

Ruleset of the battle

I got two rules Weak magic and Equalizer along with 32 mana cap. My active splinters were Water, Fire and Dragon. Since my water and fire splinters are level 6 so I decided to go with my dragon summoner. In dragon summoners, I picked Selenia because she increases +1 ranged attack of all the friendly monsters and giant squid is ranged attack monster so selenia was the best choice.

My lineup

Lord Arianthus

I used Lord Arianthus in the first place. Hehe yep Lord Arianthus is an integral part of my every battle. I only don't use in no neutral quest:P. This is why you see Lord Arianthus in my every battle. Lord Arainthus is the best ever defender because of void, thorn, shield, and reflect ability

Naga Windmaster

I used Naga Windmaster in the second place. It has three important abilities. Headwinds, Shatter and poison. Headwind ability decreases -1 range attack. Since I was given weak magic rule so I knew that my opponent might use armoured monster. Shatter ability shatters all the armour and gives you a clear advantage over your opponent.

Gieant Squid

I used Giant Squid the theme of the week in the third position. A giant squid is indeed a great monster because of its blind and weakens ability. It helped me in missing some important shots.

Crustacean King

I used the Crustacean King in the fourth position. I used it as a tank heal in addition to that I wanted to protect all the monsters. It gives +2 armour to all the friendly monsters.

Scale Doctor
I used Scale Doctor in the fifth position. Well well, my friends already make fun of me because of Scale Doctor. They think I and Scale Doctor are like 5 and 6 :P because I use this legendary monster almost in my all battles. Why wouldn't I? it has amazingly amazing abilities. Its strengthen ability increases the health of all the friendly monsters. It has rust ability which is super cool. It was a weak magic rule and rust ability eliminated all the armour of my opponent's monsters. It has triage ability which restores the health of the back-line monsters and last but not the least restore.

Lightning Dragon

I used Lightning Dragon in the last position. It has a flying ability which increases the missing shot by opponents sneak monster. That's what happened in my battle.

So I had an amazing experience with a giant squid. I will be using this monster in reverse speed rule. Hope You enjoyed my gosspitlic post :P see ya

gif sp.gif


All gif's dividers credit goes to @splinterlands.

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Nice lineup and battler there. And yes, the giant squid is the most terrifying. 😱

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