Just 2 common gold foil out of 150 chest loots 😎

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Disclaimer: It is complaining post so you can move without reading it :P XD. Yes, so today when I got a great chance to claim my great season chest loots I was amazed to see It was full of potions 😝 . Maybe splinterlands thinks I need potions more than anything.

I see people who complain a lot or whine about rewards and always say bad things about the game often get good rewards. So I decided to let me try this too 😝 .

I am complaining splinterlands do you hear me :P XD

OK, I am done with my complaints let me show the magical 2 common gold foil from season rewards.



No Orb, No epic And what is Legendary again? XD I went to check splinterlands chat and guess what guys the person who complains a lot about this game he just got Gold foil PjπŸ˜‚

Don't believe Let me show :P


Congratulation @shoemanchu Ok After seeing this now I want to chat in the city so let me go see y'all take care

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Lmfao, It pays to play. I just vent but everyone calls it complaining. That's fine because I still am "The Gold Legend" crying or not.... haha Congrats on your Gold and stuff. Lol

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Yup same worthless rewards... Thank God I at least got one leg out of my 60 chests.
Congratulation Shoe...
He did it.

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