Kron the Undying My favourite Untamed Legendary of the week

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Yea I am here again with another weekly #MyFavouriteUntamedOfTheWeek post. Before peeking further on my post I'd love to ask Have you ever had an experience of Kron the Undying?

Well Just point to be noted its name shows you that it's not gonna die easily :P Though it's a high mana cap Legendry you can use this card in very low mana cap rule such as 12, 13, 14 etc or in a very high mana cap rule such as 99.
For 12 Mana cap, you need Mana 2 summoner, And for the rest of the rules, you can go with the ordinary summoner you usually use.

Kron the Undying

Who is this Kron The Undying and why this legendary is in the form of a half of human and half of a horse? Dunno if I stated it correctly XD

Let's get to know about this from the point of view of splinterland's

When you look at the Lore of this card on the splinterland's page then you read that this legendary is an undisputed leader of some specific group of people. They named that group is Centauri people of Anumün. To be fair I am hearing such kind of group for the very first time. I didn't know that so to elaborate it further I had to google that specific combination of words.

What are Centauri people of Anumün

Centauri is usually known as Alpha Centauri which means it is the closest planetary system to the earth solar system hmmmm very interesting. People and Anumün were missing so it is damn clear that they have beautifully amalgamated different words to form this one and there is another word associated with them which is Proxima I am not getting into more details so there is that.

Moreover, Kron, the undying was a discoverer and he discovered the great secret of the earth. He discovered the power to resist boldly he was able to defy the death. It got some magical powers which allowed him to challenge adjudge impossible. Ok while reading about its Lore I got to know he prefers to have the company of The spirit of the forest Ahummm :P XD

Oh I see hidden crush hmmmm

Anyways, Hidden crushes don't do well so be a man kron :P and confess your love for the spirit of the forest she won't swallow you alive :P XD

And most important Fact about The kron guys he knows the hidden secrets of the dark energy OMG

Anyways, As I have told in my previous post I will be sharing one crazy battle of this savage legendary so there you go

Battle Link

Ok, It's not my battle but one of my good friend from the neoxian city where we share our exciting experiences related splinterlands. MY Kron Is level 2 and that's why I don't use in battles. My budget is not allowing me to upgrade it ASAP well I am on it anyways.

You can see in the battle that mana cap was 13 and melee sneak rule so alone Kron was enough to kill all the monsters of the opponent.

###Why I love Kron?

Good question so here is the reasons.

FirstBest for the low mana games 2nd Its last standability. Just look at the battle then you will get to know how savage that ability is. Plus its healing power is fantabulous and it has a divine shield as well.

###Stats of the Kron


That's all, for now, I hope you guys have enjoyed the read and might be planning to upgrade you Kron The Undying. see y'all around keep splintering

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I got him once, managed to get I think $8 for it. If it was $5 and under I would've kept it as he would be cool to use! Nice write-up about him. :)

So... regarding the lore for the Splinterlands. My husband (@chrisroberts) and I, along with a handful of other Steemians just made it up. 🤣 Specifically, Kron the Undying was created by Chris. The story is awesome. He was originally just a part of the backlore that has gone into the Encyclopedia of the Splinterlands (still waiting it's final formatting checks before being sent to the Kickstarter backers!), but... we liked him so much (and he's so badass) we made him a card too.

And yes, that single monster in a battle is INTENSE.

And he and The Spirit of the Forest are just two undying folks who've been friends since the beginning of time (or so it feels). It's like they understand each other. I imagine it's hard being immortal sometimes.😉


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