Late-night cravings

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Do you have late-night cravings? Yes, I have and only Ice-cream. I try not to eat ice-cream at night but sometimes I just give up. I always ask one question from myself Why do I crave Ice-cream at night? and The answer is always I don't know 😂 . Most of the time I satisfy my craving with roasted-nuts and sometimes I go with the flow and eat whatever I want to.

Usually, I take a jar of ice-cream out of the fridge, eat 2 or 3 spoons and then put it back. But today I didn't have anything to post so I decided to eat ice-cream like normal people :P XD. I had caramel flavour ice-cream but my craving was for Oreo Ice-cream. I had Oreo biscuits so just to satisfy my oreo Ice-cream Craving I crushed one Oreo biscuit and sprinkled on my Ice-cream.




High-fat ice-cream at night is very unhealthy I know and we all know high-fat dairy products contain a large amount of tryptophan. But sometimes tryptophan helps you in sleeping. Do you believe that it helps? Well yes tryptophan is kind of addiction this is why I crave ice-cream at night XD

While writing this post I am listening to one of my favourite songs let me share 😉 Enjoyyyyyyyy

One Day I'm gonna fly away

ARASH feat Helena - ONE DAY (Official Video)

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