Love’ more than just overused word

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Yes, it is true these days Love word is being overused. and I do feel like it is losing its real value. And dam Love is the only word I am beginning to dislike. So just imagine how this word is being overused. If you are chatting with in a good mood and laughing and poking it mean you are in love with that person. If you have blocked someone because you don't like that person and don't want to see messages of that particular person so it means you are in love with that person I mean seriously?

I've noticed this very keenly so, decided to put up my thoughts on a particular topic. If people will keep repeating this word Love in every little thing without any purpose or if there is no actual reason behind then that thing loses its worth automatically. And trust me now I feel like this word is so overused if I will use this word I am insulting my own feelings.

Sometime's I wonder if we actually understand our emotions or feelings. We mix our emotions and feeling with this word love. It is possible to fall in love at some point with someone who you like. But I am failed to understand the difference between time being attraction and love. O God please help me in this regard I am actually confused The way Love word is being overused now I am very confused.

Anyways. I was here to tell something. I am watching one drama serial these days. I don't watch TV so I check trending dramas if I have enough time to watch. One drama serial title caught my attention name is Ishqiya. Ishqiya means deep or true love. When you are going through such kind of feelings then such kind of title do attract a lot😂.

Summary of drama Ishqiya

The story revolves around 4 characters. Two sisters and two boys. Boys belong to different families and quite well off. Elder sister is in love with a boy at her University. They love each other. A boy is very possessive about his love. Story twist is Girl's father is suffering from a dangerous disease. He has no guarantee of his life so he decides to marry his daughters in his life.
The girl that is in love with a boy has no option other than getting married to a person her father chooses for her. When a boy got to know she is getting married he acts like a mad man. He goes through a major car accident and when he healed up he decides to take revenge from a girl. He sends a marriage proposal in the girl's house for her younger sister. He just wanted to hurt that girl and wanted to take revenge.

He marries her younger sister and then starts blackmailing the girl he was in love with. That girl gathers all his energy and motivation and tells s the truth to her husband that he was his University fellow they were in love and now just to take revenge from me he is using my younger sister.

Drama is still going on I don't know what would be ending of this serial. But the point I got from this serial is, was it true love? The girl didn't took stand for her love and got married to someone else. And boy is using her younger sister in order to take revenge ehhhhh what are they showing us lol

What do you think? I think both are wrong. A girl should take stand for her love. But if she didn't have the courage she has no right to love someone :P XD. And I don't want to talk about a boy i do feel like he is sick. Why are you going to spoil the life of someone just for your revenge? Anyways it is what it is

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stop watching serials. I used to watch that iss pyar ka kya naam doon 2 season and it was really crazy. I got addicted then removed myself. They make us addicts

haha but they are good time pass😂