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Helloo everyone,

Hmm posting this early when people are sleeping but I am up and enjoying heavenly rain.


It's raining cats and dogs. NOooo Light so I can't sleep. I need complete comfort and silence so then I can sleep peacefully. it seems it's not possible right now. When everyone else is sleeping in your house and you are the only night owl is up, no light, what do you do in such circumstances?

Well, let me tell you I start thinking about the past. Yea I am actually missing my University, my friends etc. I never ever have had this thought that such kind of thoughts would come in my mind.

Before this Corona thing, I always wanted to wake up early when I can enjoy my breakfast. But I've always dreaded waking up early. I always wanted to start my day without the hustle, however my morning hehe only I know :p My mornings were real hustle and always very stressful.

I was like I'd sleep promising to wake up early more often.....which never really happened :p I was always late so resulted in always skipped my breakfast.

I mean how to motivate oneself?

My mama always says, If you want to feel energised and focused towards your day then wake up early and start your day with good healthy breakfast and then you will see the difference.
But my mornings have always been hustling and ugly. But now nothing has changed but one thing. Now there are no more morning hustles. No more fear of missing out important lecture. If I stay up late then I manage to get enough sleep during day time.

A few days ago I ordered a few books since they have arrived and now I want to read them and then I want to post them one by one with the review. But I wonder if I will be able to read any of them.

My life routine is very weird. I wake up then I spend some time with mama then online stuff like splinterlands. This game is consuming my all-time plus energy. The season is ending in a few hours it means another tension.

Oh Poor me I have so tensions in my life :p XD Oh finally while writing this post now I am feeling sleepy so see y'all. Good night take care.

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I miss reading so much, and I have so many books I just can't find the time to dive into. Survival day-to-day is the name of the game during COVID-19.

I used to have insomnia many years ago, and I went to a doctor for some advice. He immediately wanted to give me drugs, which I refused, and only said I was looking for advice. He had no advice so consulted his reference manual.

The message was, "Your bed is for sleep and sex, nothing else." Anything like reading or watching TV from bed will all make subconscious connections that sleeping is not the priority in bed.

He also mentioned that if I find myself unable to fall asleep in bed within the first 15 minutes, that I should get out of bed and do something until I feel tired enough to try again. All these tips have been game changers for me.

wow thank you so much for such useful tips so informative. I'll try my level best to act upon

Rising up early and going to bed early is the perfect routine. We cannot compensate it with day sleep at all. I guess you should listen to your mamma. I'm also trying hard to do the same. 😀

heheh true but I just can't help it I change my routine one day and the other day it is again same lol

Yes happens to me as well. I also keep trying again and again. 😀

noice all the best to us hehe