Neoxian the dragon banker is holding a splinterlands tournament.

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Heya warrior's

Neoxag, Neox gold - the treasures that you must hold to become powerful in the crypto land.
Neoxian is the tag that you must use to get paid in neoxag.
Be ready and play to win the game.

The guild of Neoxian will be hosting a splinterlands tournament. @sayee brought up the idea that the Neoxian guild should host a tournament. We have been thinking about it for the past couple of weeks and finally, we were able to create one. We are experimenting with our first tournament by putting up 40k Decs in a reward pool. @neoxian.contest account will be hosting all present and future tournaments. Because the guild of neoxian is planning to host these tournaments on regular basis. Neoxian sir is the sponsor. But in future, I am planning to contribute as well.



The entry fee of this tournament is 200 dec which is very reasonable I suppose. But our future tournaments entry fee would be neoxag. Neoxag is the city currency that is easily available on Hive-engine. Also, you can earn Neoxag buy using the Neoxian tag on your posts.

We selected the silver league so the maximum player can participate. Alo it is an anytime tournament that will be based on just one round. Group size would be 12 and all edition cards are allowed.

So what are you waiting for go and signup Here

All the best to all players including me. I will see you on the battlefield see ya keep splinterlanding.

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wow thats really great but I am not eligible for the tournament 😔


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I have only 10363 power 😬

how much power do you need?

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I guess 5k more to unlock the tournament i guess the time is over for now

Very cool I'll be joining up. Also think it's pretty awesome to be using NEOXAG as a way to enter a nice way to burn some token.

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Yep, and good luck

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