No Neutral quest pain or gain?

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Heya splinter Fam's wassup. No Neutral quest is no more pain for me if I am playing with my own account. Yep, I go ahead with different strategies and they work for me pretty well. I completed my quest in no time. My ranking was 3800 when I started playing my quest. I used just 10% of ECR and got Champion 2 and my quest was done and dusted too :P



Champion 2 and currently ranking on the leaderboard at 57th place. Not that bad we still have 8 days in this season. I love it when I get a win against maxed decks :P Yea mine decks are almost maxed too but only if death and dragon splinters are active :P XD

Anyways I claimed my quest rewards in champ2 and when I was clicking on every single chest loot I was like wth :( but then last chest loot saved the day.



Orb saved the Day although Orb opening was just so so :P I have another good news for myself. I just maxed out my warrior of peace and will be posting about that reward card in free time. Why I was after that card and why I wanted to max that card ASAP. See y'all in next post see ya take care.


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