Opportunity- Best ever ability


Oh yes, I am quite in a chillax mood while writing this post. My procrastination habit and laziness again won and I am posting my challenge post on the Last Day. Again, this week's challenge was my favourite so I had to do it anyway.

Challenge theme Opportunity

Monsters with the Opportunity ability can attack from any position and they target the monster with the lowest health But wait I have something to share you may not have noticed it. When You put Furious chicken in your team then usually opportunity monster hit the chicken first because a chicken has the lowest health but wait if you are putting up furious chicken and creeping ooze together then monster with the opportunity ability hits the creeping ozz instead of chicken. I am failed to understand why is that so but anyways. I love monsters with opportunity ability and I use such monsters more often.


MY Battle 🏆


battle Link

and Along with 27 Mana Cap.

My Lineup

Selenia Sky
I chose Selenia Sky for this battle. MY Favourite dragon summoner. I still remember I sold my all hunts in order to buy max alpha Selenia. :P XD She is an expensive queen of my deck XD. I used her because I wanted to increase ranged attack. As you can see I was given Heavy hitters rule so in such rule I wanted to use a monster with stun ability. And lightening Dragon is the best option when it comes to heavy hitter rule.


I used Cocatrice in the first place. Cocatrice In front of Lord Arianthus :P yea I used it because of Equalizer rule. I wanted to use some big mana monsters this is why I used it in the first place. I knew that because of equalizer rule it would last longer ;)


I used FURIOUS CHICKEN in second place. Purpose of using it in the second place is I wanted to save some snipe attacks and some magic reflections.


I used Dragonjumpers in third place. Because it has the opportunity ability and when you have opportunity ability along with high speed, then what else you need.

Crustacean King

I used the Crustacean King in the fourth position. I wanted some armour for my monsters and used it as a tank heal as well.

Doctor Scale
I used Doctor Scale in the fifth position. Ok yes, I will admit I almost use this card in my every second battle. Although it has a slow speed I look at its four abilities and not speed. Strengthen, Rust, Triage, repair best abilities even any monster has. I mean Doctor scale is all in one. I have told its magic many times if you are reading my blog regularly then you may know how wonderful it is.

Lightning Dragon

I used the Lightning Dragon in the last position. I used it because it has stun ability and because of its speed, it attacks first.

Did My strategy work out?

yes, 100% as you can see the result.


gif sp.gif


All gif's dividers credit goes to @splinterlands.


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