Season Rewards, New leaderboard updates and some spicy chit chat about splinterlands

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How have been your season guys? Well well, Mine was so stressful as it got finished in my office hours. I am appointed in the workshop where I work and check designs and then ask for approval. But today has been a very different day. I should have taken an off from the office. I didn't leave my mobile for a second as my all attention was on the leaderboard. I was peeking leaderboard like crazy. When I went to the office I was in the top 10 as usual. I don't play on the last day out of stress as I am a bit weak in this area.

But i knew that if I don't play they will throw me out of top 10. I was hanging on 8th,9th position. I turned off my mobile and kept in my bag. I thought only 3 hours left and I am safe I guess. But this is splinterlands game. You never know who is going to strike on the last moment. I was trying to focus on my work but I kept thinking about what's happening. I couldn't hold my self I took my phone out of my bag and started checking leaderboard position. If you are wondering for what account I am talking about so let me tell you I am talking about ts-neoxian. I wasn't even checking, at what position is my own account. I don't know why I take ts so serious. When the season ended i breathed a sigh of relief and got back to my work.

When I came back home after getting fresh n up I turn on my laptop and start entering battles for the tournament. I always think I will enter all battles in the morning but then laziness and procrastination are always there for me. After entering all battles I was analyzing leaderboard. There were some new names in the top 10 and some very good players were struggling for top 25 instead of top 10.

All this happening because of new dice cards and summoners. There are certain rules where dice summoners and cards are doing wonders. No matter how good player are you but if your deck is lacking those cards the struggle is your fate unless you have extraordinary patience and energy to battle all-day.

My ts account doesn't have any card which has oppress ability. But the good news is ts-neoxian has all untamed maxed summoners and monsters now. Sooner or later I will have all the dice cards as well. I really love some new rewards cards and I am going to make another post on those cards.

Leaderboard changes

I was playing ts-neoxian and I was about to enter champion 3 league I got this pop-up.


Deadlier foes hehe that make you think for a while if you should advance or not :P XD Anyways for ts-neoxian I can't play for the diamond leaderboard. That account is for the champion leaderboard. Now it will be interesting to see what kind of rewards or decs/ranked battle we get. I will think about my own account if i should advance to the champion leaderboard or not. So far this change is very interesting but also giving me some tension as well. In champion league now you will have to face all the giants. No lesser account :P it means more tension XD

Season rewards

My season rewards ehhh wonder if I should really write about my rewards :P I finished in champion 1 and claimed 150 chest loots. Trust me except 5 untamed packs there was nothing interesting all potions and 10, 15 decs.






That's it No Legendary, No Gold foil common let's not talk about the epic and legendary :P XD. Anyways it is what it is tho.


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Funny story, so nervous about leaderboards hahaha.