Shadowy Presence - something dark is right there with you

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Heya Fam's I have a breaking news yaaaaay I got an epic Shadowy Presence. Hehe Don't think I am exaggerating or something else I am really excited I got Shadowy Presence. I usually don't get this epic more often but this is the only reward epic I loved the most. I want to make my Shadowy Presence maxed and when I see the price of it then I say to myself. Hold on xawi wait a bit. Yes, My death splinter is almost maxed and now I want my Shadowy Presence maxed. This card is epically epic. I got to know about its worth when I started playing in higher leagues.

True fact

When This reward epic got introduced. I was the one who said uh hu who made it epic. I guess this one is the most useless reward epic. But Guys I would like to tell you sometimes when we think this thing is useless and it has no benefits. But when that thing proves you wrong that you were so wrong. Then I actually feel good and I love it when I see hidden gems performing right in front of the eyes.

Shadowy Presence

Name: Shadowy Presence
Edition: Reward
Rarity: Epic
element: Death
Currently trading at 0.55$/BCX

My Shadowy Presence is level 3 and I desperately want it as max. It is also called as black summoner and yea when I was looking at it Lore one interesting line caught my attention. Let me share it with you.

don’t let it attach to you.

hehee So true please don't let it get attached to you. I am a victim. Although I am enjoying this card on ts-neoxian yet I want it on my own account. I will be sharing battle using Shadowy Presence then you will get to know why I love this card.

Shadowy Presence's abilities

It has two amazing abilities Strengthen and Inspire. Let me show the magic of an inspire and strengthen the ability


Battle Link

As I mentioned up there that i am super excited I got this epic in my daily quest chest loots so there you go



Drop Rate of this epic is very slow I can't wait So I am going to buy and gonna max my SHADOWY PRESENCE. I had death quest and I love playing with death. All I want is either dragon or death quest :P Oh yea my life summoner is maxed too but I still need to work on that deck.

Almost Iftar time I am going Take care :)


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Long way to at lvl 4-5 :D This card is still at lvl 1 btw. But yeah, I use it already as 2nd card in a row to slow down attackers as much as I can

hehe good one :P

OOOOOOOH! I love this kind of post! Plus, I feel like I've never used this card... cause like you say, I've judged it much too harshly. Thanks for the eye opener! And congrats on getting it as a reward! 🥰@carrieallen

hehe yea this is why i love posting such kinda stuff