Shieldbearer- The Legend of Khymian holy ground

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Today I am here with another gem. Yes, Shieldbearer has made life easier. I remember how I used to fear from Prince Rennyn. But honestly speaking Prince Rennyn is overrated now. I love using Shieldbearer when there are certain rules such has weak magic, reverse speed. Shieldbearer is only weak against magic attack otherwise it is great against ranged attack because of its return fire ability and melee attack because of Shield ability.

I don't use Shieldbearer if the water splinter is active because there are high chances that your opponent will come up with a magic attack and Shieldbearer is failed in front of a magic attack. Shieldbearer is a rare monster of life deck and its edition is untamed. Currently trading at 0.14$/BCX.


Lore of Shieldbearer is pretty interesting. I actually love reading the Lores of my favourite cards.

The Silver Shield of legend is locked securely away on Khymian holy ground, but expert Khymian Armorsmiths have made many replicas of the great Shield throughout the years. The Khymian soldiers who are called to carry these shields are known as Shieldbearers. Ironically, the Shieldbearers are trained to sacrifice their own bodies before their shields.source

Yes, I agree with one line that they take all the attacks from the opponent team. And this is what makes them The Legend of Khymian holy ground. Taking all the attacks and suffering is not an easy thing, not every monster can handle such irony.


Shieldbearer has three abilities Taunt, Shield and return fire.

Taunt Monster with taunt ability gets all the rage of the opponent's monsters.

Shield Monster with shield ability gets minimum damage from melee and ranged attack.

Return fire Now this ability is the real deal. When ranged attack monsters hit the monster with return ability then they get back damage. If the ranged attack is directly hitting then it gets -2 damage and if it is hitting indirectly then it gets - 1 damage. Ok, now you are thinking indirectly attack? and ranged? so don't get confused let me explain. If I am using ranged attack monster which has blast ability so when the blast hits such monster which has return fire ability then it gets -1 loss.

You guys might have been thinking why I chose Shieldbearer. I selected this monster because I just maxed my Shieldbearer. I know its worth and it is already helping me a lot. I managed to kill the maxed deck because of this monster. If you know how to use this monster accurately I can bet you can create a difference on the battlefield.


Battle using Shieldbearer 🏆


battle Link

I used armour smith and silver shield bard. Armour smith was restoring armour and silver shield increased speed and was cleansing. Always use armour restore monster and cleanse ability monster with Shieldbearer. Take it as pro tip :P

Moment of Joy Yaaay my Shieldbearer is maxed now


That's all hope you will enjoy reading take care


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I very much love this card. For all the reasons you state in the post. 🤣
Congrats on leveling him up! 🥰 @carrieallen

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