Splinterlands driving me Crazy

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Oh, The title of my post😂 but that's true. Splinterlands driving me crazy. A few days ago when I made a post that finally I've maxed my Yodin Zaku and I purchased lots of 1 BCX Valanmor in order to max mine. I spent all of my all DEc savings. I had a thought somewhere at the back end of mind that I am not going to purchase lands and I will lease lands in order to stay competitive in the game. But the table has turned. Splinterlands made lands mandatory in the game, so you can't lease something for a whole life especially when you are a long-run player of the game.

I've been upgrading my deck for the past few days. My cards buying spree came back and I started buying cards like crazy without having that single thought what would I do when there would be a pre-lands sale. Our Guild The Guild Of Neoxian was pooling for the region purchase. So when there is a matter of guild and splinterlands then along the line somewhere I had to get involved. I jumped in for the tract. For this purpose, I need 750,000 DEC. So far I've managed to collect 300,000 dec. And I hope I will be able to complete my target before the time. I just hope so. 750,000 Decs are nothing for me but I just don't have enough time. People have refused to sell their dec and dec price is close to its peg price.

At this stage when dec are so expensive you can't afford to buy. Meanwhile, I am trying to accumulate decs through tournaments. It's been ages and I don't even remember when last I sold my cards. But now dec collecting craze making me sell my cards. I was peeking on Twitter when I saw this tweet from the #Splinterlands.

New all-time high on the #Splinterlands #marketcap today

All-time high damn it made me curious and I went to check stats of all accounts😂 .



$6271+$856+799$= 7926 $ almost 8k😜

Let me convert it in my currency...


OMG Almost 13 Lakh 😱1300,000 man it's not a joke😂 and no one knows what I do online except my brother. And now i am going to show him my SL assets again and let me see the reaction of his face😂 . With this amount of money, I can even buy a real piece of the land trust me yes 😂.
Some of my friends think I don't sell things and I am just holding them I will take them to my grave😂 . The point is what would I do If I sell? If i will sell cards I will use that money to buy more cards😜So I don't stress myself I just buy cards anyways. I use dec and I use hive. And yes please pray If I can complete my no neutral quest today😝.

I have played plenty of battle it is still as it is :P XD


Yes, every time I hit ranked battle I get one of my village people as an opponent. So against village people, you can't take the risk. I got no neutral rule but the irony is my opponent fled the battle :( I am going to play if I can complete it today. See y'all around. Splinterlands is rocking.

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NB you need 850K for a tract, not 750K.

You've got a very high value collection of cards though, surely just burn some of your gold cards for DEC? That'll be the easiest way, otherwise you're left with the pooling option!

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yes I'm part of Neoxian guild pooling so i need 750,000 dec for 100 lands

Ahh I see what you mean - 10 of you pooling for a region, and you get a tract each!

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The hype is real. I have been saving for this land pre-sale for months now. Bring it on!

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

Actuaaaallly, I think your report has driven me crazy more than it did to you.
Almost 13 Lakh!!!!!!!!?????
OMG... what did we (players like me) do all this time?
You're so rich.

I hope and pray that you get 750,000 Decs when it's time.