The Pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ with exploding Archers

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Last day of the challenge. Nodes are so unstable that I am not even sure if I will be able to post. Since splinterlands vote is the only hope left for us so I just don't want to miss any challenge. I slept early today because today is Monday another hectic week is going to get started. I was a bit relaxed and in a chill mood so decided to complete my challenge post.

Tomorrow is 6th October and Hive hard fork has been scheduled. We don't even know how long we will have to wait in order to post again on the chain. But it is what it is no matter what, But we move. This week splinterlands challenge theme is Pirate Archer one of my favourite rare cards.

Pirate Archer

Name: Pirate Archer
Edition: Reward
Rarity: Rare
element: Water
Maxed Pirate Archer is almost 8$ but of course, it has reached it max supply so now you can't get this amazing card in your quest or season rewards. But currently, it is trading at 0.08$/BCX



It has only one ability which is Blast. Its max health is 4 and it's max ranged attack is two. I love using it with Selenia sky. Its Max speed is 4 and you need 115BCX in order to max this rare reward card.


MY Battle 🏆


battle Link

Aim true along with 24 mana cap

gif sp.gif

Truth be told I woke up early just because of this challenge post and I went to my battle log and searched for a battle where I used Pirate Archer. When I couldn't find I decided to play one battle. I found an opponent good as gold and he is a pretty good player. I was given the Aim true. In this rule melee and ranged attacks don't miss their shots. Sice Life splinter was active I was pretty sure my opponent would use sneak attack and I was right with my assumption. This is the reason I put my Lord Arianthus in the last position. But when I saw shield-bearer I was like oh no return fire would kill my ranged attack. But it didn't put much impact on my ranged attack. To be fair blast saved this game.


Yes, I'll admit I won this battle because of two blasts attacks. One from Electric eels and the other one from Pirate Archer. It was a pretty fair win though.

gif sp.gif

Serpent of Eld

I used the Serpent of Eld in the first place. Serpent of Eld is a very good untamed edition reward card which has Dodge, Poison and returns fire ability. Thank God my opponent didn't use magic attack :P

gif sp.gif

Electric Eels

I used the Electric Eels in the second place. Electric Eels is one of the best promo cards. I used it in the second position because of its reachability. Also, It has the fast speed to it attacks fast and gives blast to its enemies.

gif sp.gif

Pirate Archer

I used Pirate Archer the theme of the week in third place. I already mentioned up there how amazing this card is.

gif sp.gif

Crustacean King

I used a Crustacean King in fourth place. Of course, you want some protection and healing in your team so Crustacean King does it Job really well. It heals the monster in the first place and also gives protection of two armours to all the friendly monsters.

gif sp.gif

Lord Arianthus

I used Lord Arianthus in fifth place. Ok, i was suspecting sneak attack because of Aim true rule so in order to counter sneak attack I used it in the fifth position. It gives thorns to melee attack plus it has shield ability which causes less damage.

gif sp.gif

Furious Chicken

I used Furious Chicken in the last place. Why do we use Furious Chicken? to save up a few attacks? so yep purpose of using Furious Chicken in that position was to save some sneak attacks.

gif sp.gif

I hope you did enjoy my battle and hope you liked my strategy. I will see y'all with another cool splinterlands challenge till then see ya


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Great Battle Challenge post. You really anticipated the sneakers there and closed your rear nicely with Lord A. Meanwhile, the blasters where taking apart the Angel of Light. Nice.



Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Awesome post xawi! I really liked the overall presentation and your writing too! Keep playing Splinterlands with this lightspeed! God bless