Things are about to get real

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This is the big news we all splinter freaks have been waiting for. Today is the day and after few hours there would be real ama(ask me anything) on the official splinterlands server. A lot of speculation going on and no one knows what exactly going to happen. I am equally excited about this because the news itself seems really big. Jut emphasize this Things are about to get real I hope the hype splinterlands team created they will be able to fulfil people's high expectation regarding this big announcement.

There is a contest going on splinterlands official discord server. Where you have to dm @cryptomancer and tell him what you think about this announcement. Make a guess and if your guess is correct then you are going to win 1 Beta pack. Beta packs are no more so that is really a good prize. I've made my guess and I am 90% sure I am not going to win. I am pretty bad at guessing :P XD

When I look at this statement Things are about to get real it makes me think that were things not real before? all this while all the things were imaginary or fake? :P XD. According to my time zone, that announcement would be around 6 a.m. I am a night owl so it wouldn't affect me. Desaretly, anxiously eagerly waiting for this big news.

I assume today splinterlands team is going to create history :P XD if not then why this hype? If they have created this hype then I am pretty sure something really good and big going to happen. Finger crossed ;)

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I am very happy with this improvement. I know you will be happier than me

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