Twisted Jester- The Captain of the personal bodyguard for the Lord of Darkness himself

Heya splinter fellas,

So here I am with another cool splinterland's challenge. This week splinterland's weekly challenge is Twisted Jester. Hmm, I have very good memories of Twisted Jester. I remember when I joined splinterlands and I didn't have this card in my collection. When I got crushed by this monster then I decided to purchase this card. And in the early days of splinterlands, we used to get beta booster packs as quest rewards. And how much it was fun when we open those packs and then we get our favourite cards. Anyways time has changed and now I have level 6 Alpha twisted jester. One of the coolest card of the Alpha collection.

Twisted Jester

Name: Twisted Jester
Edition: Alpha
Rarity: Rare
element: Death
Currently trading at 0.79$/BCX

Twisted jester has two abilities snipe and Dodge. I prefer using this card in the last because of its dodge ability. It has power pack ranged attack which is really amazing. What do you want in the ranged attack? strong ranged along with high speed. Twisted Jester is a perfect example of this.


He is not here for your amusement. The Twisted Jester is the Captain of the personal bodyguard for the Lord of Darkness himself. While most Dark Eternals completely forget everything from their living past, the memory of his family’s slaughter continues to curse and plague him with rage every day.source


MY Battle 🏆


battle Link

and Along with 20 Mana Cap.

My Lineup

Selenia Sky

I went with Selenia sky for this battle. because I knew that I am going to use ranged attack so just to increase ranged power of my monsters I decided to use Selenia.

Cursed Slimeball

I used Cursed slimeball in the first place. Since I was given low mana cap so I used all the low mana monster and you will see in the battle how I killed maxed deck just by using small monsters. I use it more often due to its redemption ability.

Shadowy Presence

I used Shadowy Presence in the second place. My Shadowy Presence is just level4 but I really want it at maxed level. Anyways I used it in the battle to strengthen friendly monsters. Yea it gives +1 life to all its fellow monsters, which is really cool. Every single life matters :P XD


I used UNDEAD PRIEST in third place. purpose of using this monster is I wanted to slow down the speed of my opponent's monsters plus also wanted to decrease the life.


I used Boogeyman in fourth place. It has rust ability and I wanted to rust off the armour of my opponent's team. In addition to that, it also slows down enemies monsters.

Death elemental

I used the death elemental in the fifth position. Again the purpose of using this 3 mana rare untamed monster was to reduce life and magic attack of enemy monsters.

Twisted Jester

I used the Twisted Jester the theme of the week in the last position. As I mentioned up there I use it in the last position because of its dodge ability. So there can be chances of missing out a sneak attack.

Did My strategy work out?

yes, 100% as you can see the result.



Gif credit goes to @doctorcrypto


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With Selenia Sky as the summoner, its lethal! Thanks for sharing!

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thank you so much