What is Devotion?

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Just a few minutes ago I was busy doing multiple things at the same time. Since I was doing all the things with full devotion and attention. I got finished in no time. It triggered me to write upon this topic.

So today's selected topic is What is devotion?. Devotion could have different meanings to different people. It all depends on how we see certain things or tasks in our life. Devotion is the name of a concept where people understand its meaning according to their understanding level. Devotion is the name of dedication and commitment to your work. Devotion is the name of loyalty or love towards someone you have.

Sometime's when you ask people what's devotion they give you silly replies but for me, devotion is nothing but undivided attention towards your goals. If you try to focus on the word devotion you would realize that it is indeed necessary for our lives. No matter what we are doing. It could be anything. For example, if you are playing splinterlands you have to be very dedicated or committed to what you are doing. If I am taking my online classes :P XD Ok I'll be honest here I am not very devoted towards my online classes. I always do peek on other things while taking an online class. That's where I lack devotion power. And I need to work on that :P.

Again there I have a question for myself. Why am I so dedicated towards a game and not my studies?. So the answer would be yes when you are doing your favourite thing then you can be very determined or committed, But when you are doing a boring thing which has imposed on you forcefully then you lose your interest in doing that thing. Losing interest means you lose all passion, commitment hence no devotion.

We all do our favourite things very passionately but the real question arises when we don't do things we don't want to do. As I said devotion is nothing but undivided attention. But I did a few multiple things at the same time but with full concentration. Does it mean I was dividing my attention? yea I divided my attention among multiple things and yet I was succeeded to complete them perfectly.

It sounds like I am making no sense here :P so I guess I am leaving all of you with a good laugh then? keep laughing stay happy and healthy. See y'all in another non-sense post :P XD

Oh yes, one more thing I am writing this post with full devotion. My attention is fully on this post and not doing anything else. It means I did this post with undivided attention hehe see ya XD

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You should think about writing this for a book or even holding a talk for young students. Maybe start a vlog

hehe vlog :P