Why do girls share their nasty pictures in love?

Hello everyone,
yep, I am up with a very common but very weird question. This thing is very common and the headline of every second day. But the most shameful and disguising reality is why don't we learn from other stories? Are we this much desperate in love that we forget our values and ethics?

I just can't forget one lesson my mama taught us women respect is just a one-time thing if it's gone then it's gone and it will never return. Listen to your parents when they are trying to teach you something. They always talk out of the experience because they don't want their children ending up in darkness.

Ok, why i am in so much aggressive mood? well, there is a reason behind it. I was watching TikTok oh yes these days I waste my enough time watching TikTok videos. It is another addiction seriously :P
And I always like


But I always end up watching them again :P XD So the story of tonight is I was watching video on the TikTok and there is a for you page on TikTok where you get to watch the videos of those people you like watching.

While watching video one video came across in front of my eyes that one famous TikToker girl who has followers in million and crying bitterly and requesting people that please don't forward her leaked nasty pictures and please delete them. She was crying and saying she didn't know she will get such punishment in love. The very general story she shared her some odd pictures in so-called love and later her boyfriend ditched her and leaked her pictures.

Since she is famous Tiktok star her pictures spread like a wildfire. Then I scrolled up and saw many videos related the same thing. People were accusing her and what not in their videos. Those who are making videos on this topic are taking advantage because it is a hot TIKTOK topic of the day.

My first question to girls Why do girls share their nasty pictures in love?. Ok, no answer now the second question. You have no sense or you girls lost in love If a boy asking for your nudes then dammit he is not in love with you. Your true love won't ask you such shit. If you have to show yourself in order to prove your so-called love then Congratulations get ready for such insult.

And boys do you guys know Karma right? or have you ever heard this saying As you sow so shall you reap? Before doing anything wrong with any girl just keep that in mind it will come to you ultimately either it would be in the form of your sister or your daughter.

Anyways. I discussed this topic in the city of Neoxian sir. What Neo sir said was the ultimate truth

What he said there I am sharing here

if a woman is good looking, they will always find a way to show themselves off somehow. like on Hive, you notice that women, especially if they are good looking, always have their real picture in their thumbnail, DP, etc. if a person is good looking, then most people want to take advantage of that show themselves off. there is no mystery behind that, it's very simple logic/strategy

Dragon wisdom indeed.

Later I asked Raymondspeaks what he thinks about it and his reply

Well, when they are in love it's because they expect their partners to accept them for who they are. Warts and all
my wife is no princess in the morning when she first wakes up! But.. I still find it cute
Initial attraction is all about putting your best foot forward
then, as the relationship progresses it's about getting to know the inner you
so.. nasty pictures is ok to a guy that's already smitten.

What do you think about all this?


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Poor girl. This boy has no principles. 🤦‍♂️