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It's good to be back. For some weeks now i have not been able to make any post on this platform due to unexplainable reasons.

Some people withdrew their delegations from me thinking i have packed out of the community. I know it's not a bad thing to do, three weeks is enough for anyone that delegated some hive power for me to act that way, seeing that I have not done anything.

But it wasn't so, i can't just stay on a comfortable situation without writing and been committed to my post. It was just a difficult time. My device and health wasn't in a good shape, so I have to put everything in place and also recover fully to function effectively.

Apologies to my followers and everyone that checked on my blog without seeing any new contents to read.sorry about that, there was no other means to communicate my situation until now
Personally, i was trying my best to make sure that i don't stay off the platform for too long.

It's a thing of joy to be back. The fact that i breakdown doesn't means that I stopped. In life, there's a room for a second trail. Great men are noted for persistence. there is no man of influence whose history is not well decked with persistence. If i sincerely
desire to be a winner, i must be determined never to quit.

Life is very selfish and sometimes it doesn't treat us well or give us what we need or deserves. So, you must always be ready to repeat anything you failed,or else you will never fulfill your purpose. You must of a necessity rise to face your responsibility, else
you will not rise in life. You will only be responsible, when you are able respond to a task effectively.

I know perseverance precedes excellence and also i cannot attain excellence at a moment, i need continued efforts to achieve the desired breakthrough. So I cannot allow whatsoever to hinder or stop me until i do it successfully. It is best,when you strike it well at the first attempt,but para-venture you missed, there's nothing wrong in going back or starting again. Until you have this mental attitude you will not make anything good out of life.

This is the mental attitude that keeps me pressing on during that difficult time I encouraged myself and keep seeing myself writing and postings again. Always take a step further, do something new, be innovative,be result- oriented, never be weary of starting afresh if need be. God will always help you to see what you can imagine.

Don't give up until you get to the peak of it

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