NATURE INSPIRED DESIGN ~ Traditional Pattern Of Design

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We have a few days before we finally say goodbye to February.
So far so good, February has been a month of love for real.
Starting from the love of God and to that of men. It is a month of love!

Thank God for the work we had in February, now we are looking forward to March and I am very certain we will have lots of work lining up for us next month, but before then, I will like to share another pattern and design we established this month.
Are you ready to go through the process with me?

Last time I shared a decorated wedding hall and that was what we call "The White Wedding" and if you wanna go through the post and see the design and decor, you can click the link HERE

As for today, I will show you a different design, "The Traditional Design".
This is our tradition. Inasmuch as we have a design for the white wedding ceremony, we also have for the traditional marriage.
In this way, we display our cultural and traditional looks and attire.


You can go through the process with me, I am sure you will like it so far, so good.
First I will show you the most used material in this decoration and that is the green grasses, green flowers, and the cherries flower. We also used roses as well.

Here we have the white and yellow cherries wrapped up in a piece of clothing.


And this is the green grasses, the green designer's flowers, and the green carpet.


You know aside from the white flowers and decorative, there is more green since the green signifies nature or natural things.

We arrived at the compound for the decoration early and our director told us to start setting up the place with the help of another learned and professional event decorator while he goes to pick up more materials for the decoration.

He helped us set and layout the stage using iron poles. After setting up the iron poles, we covered them up with the green cotton material and a green carpet.

Then we set the pillars on the stage, fixed them up one after the other. There were eight standing pillars; four pillars held up the open space where the couples were supposed to sit and then the remaining four were just used as a pattern of design. We divided four remaining pillars and placed two at the sides of the structure we set up.


We were six people in the team, you know you can't possibly do this work alone, it's very stressful.
So the six people were divided into pairs.
While some people were taking up the stage design and decorations, the others were decorating and designing the surrounding canopies and setting up the high tables, and decorating the chairs as well.

You can see those pair setting up the pathways pillars and decorating them with flowers (roses)


And then, another pair working with the canopies decoration. I was among those helping with setting and decorating the canopies after helping out with the stage setup.


It's such a big compound and I exceptionally loved that big tree in the compound. They had two big fruit trees in the compound, an Apple tree and African Cherry or Star Apple tree

The one you are seeing in this photo is the apple tree.
Note: Those trees didn't stand in the way of our decoration since the compound was big enough for all the settings.


After setting the canopies, decorating them with silk materials, we also covered up the chairs with white clothing and set the tables, covered them with white clothing as well.


And this is the first pair still progressing with their division of labor :)
Now you can see the second giant tree, and that is the African Cherry tree.


The work progressed as time went on and we had to hurry some things because we were already behind time.


The pillars were all set up and stacked up with flowers of different designs, the green leaves, the white and pink roses, and the green grasses.


And by the sides, another type of pillar were set up and the topmost part of the pillars was stacked with yellow and white cherry flowers.


The middle table was set up and decorated with flowers and our local and native hats.
The same for the walkway. It was decorated with native hats.


The couple's chairs were placed behind before the table was placed and decorated.
You can view the chair better from this angle.
You can also see those iron poles situated by the walkway paths, decorated with flowers as well.


And this is the front view of the finished work.
You can see we later used a rope-like curtain and folded two sides to the two pillars, giving an opening or entrance to the stage.


Here is a back view shot I took of the frontage.
I captured the entrance from the back to see how it would look and must say it looks cool.


And then the upward stage is well captured.
The shot was taken from below.
That green carpet looks like a natural green field right? 😉


Then a wider shot to cover both the pathway or walkway to the upstage.
The flowers make up the decorations. Without enough flowers then your decoration won't be complete or really nice.


And then another shot of the upstage. I just love how this photo turned out really nice and awesome.
Making the whole place green.


This is the final shot of the whole process.
You and I know this looks great right?
I especially love the decoration.
I think the traditional decoration has more inspirational than that of the white wedding because, in traditional decoration and design, you tend to bring in whatever it is you have in the real world of nature.

More reason I admire the traditional design more than the English design.


I guess that would be all for today.
And if you love this kind of design and you are out there, you want something like this either for your marriage or a friend's marriage, we are just a call or text away.
Do well to contact us and you will have us right away.

I hope you like today's pattern of design and I would really love to get some feedback from you guys.
Thank you for going through the process with me.
Until next time! Stay safe and keep blogging!



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Nice! These decorations are just superb. I see a lot of work goes into the tiniest detail making it turn out beautiful. Well done. 🍀

Thank you kemkem! :)

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I really enjoy reading your event design/styling stories and adventures. Which part of the event process do you enjoy the most? And which one is your least favorite?

Oh, thank you so much.
I think my least favorite is the white wedding design cause of the stress and lot of work involved in it hahaha, I am not really a fan to stress lol but this is one that is damn stressful.

And the part I like the most is the stage setting.
Thank you for your feedback, appreciated!

There's so much fulfillment in the field of event design and management. You become a part of milestones of your clients and that's amazing in my opinion. Looking forward to your future projects.

Yea there is
Thank you so much for your encouragement always.
I am sure to keep updating you about them and I must say, the team are doing really awesome with the community members as well

Beautiful design, I love all the vivid colors and the natural theme :) You did a great job here!

@tipu curate

Wow! Thank you so much.
I am glad you love it and thanks for the tip.

This is really an amazing work. Well done

Wait! What am I just seeing?
😂😂 who brought you here?
Thanks anyway

🙄😁😊i brought myself oh

Lol 😂 😂 instead of you to appreciate me With some dollars na you dey yab me ni🙄

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The color green will never fade! Since it's constantly synonymous with Mother Nature, the end results would be vibrant, healing, and refreshing. I love your nature-themed wedding motif @zellypearl and congrats on another job well done!

Thank you stories :)

That is really cool, specially the usage of hats, very interesting :)

Yeah it is and thank you for your comment ;)