Shadow Hunters Round 96- Show Me A Shadow 5

in Shadow Hunters11 months ago

This is my entry for @melinda010100 Shadow Hunters Round 96- Show Me A Shadow 5 in my smartphone HUAWEI P30 lite. Thanks and its my pleasure to partake of your contest.

It was pretty evening time and i enjoyed sunset with my family in front of Cox's Bazar sea beach of Bangladesh. Then some people photos reflected shadows nicely because of sunset. I really love to see sunrise, sunset, sea beach and different types of flower photos. So i likes to travel for seeing the natural beauty of the world when any chance or vacation comes in my life.

Lovely @melinda010100 has arranged to discover every types of shadow photos in this nice contest. So today i am happy to share my feelings shadow photos in my collection. Have a super weekend for all steemian friends.




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Thank you.

@kamrunnahar You are welcome. Happy commenting. Greetings @wakeupkitty

Those are wonderful shadows @kamrunnahar. Looks like a lot of people are enjoying the beach. Good luck in the shadow photo contest.

Thank you so much.

Such lovely shadow photos! It must have been wonderful to be on the beach! Thanks for entering!

Its my pleasure to post your shadow contest. Thank you