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RE: Shadows out and about by the seaside, in the park and the fighting gloves

in Shadow Hunters6 months ago

Focusing on the shadows is an interesting way of looking at things. Those images are really cool. I especially like the ones of the trees. I'm not sure what that...device (the jub with the holes in it) would be used for but my guess is a sprinkler. Maybe you attach it to a hose and water plants with it?


That's actually part of my minimalist recycling/reuse new lifestyle. It's a milk carton, I cut one side off and then cut small holes all over to make a colander, great for washing veggies etc. In all honesty, if I knew I'd be living here for over a year and not a few months I'd bought a proper colander, now I just make myself a new one every few months

Thats actually a really good idea. I like that one. I may make one myself at some point.

@leaky20? Sprinkler? I can see why your interest was piqued! :-)