Shadows out and about by the seaside, in the park and the fighting gloves

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A while ago I used the image below in one of my posts and @melinda010100 mentioned it would be a nice entry to the Shadow Hunters contest. I totally forgot about the lovely shadow hunters community, and without blowing my own trumpet, I think this is actually a very pretty shadow. Since I'm sharing a series of shadow images today, I figured I'd start with this one again as I do like it a lot. These images were taken at Clevedon in UK, with Clevedon Pier at the back of the photo. We're heading over there now.

Piers are an important part of English seaside towns, pretty much every seaside town has one, and sometimes even more than one. Although I don't swim, I love walking along the walkway out into the sea towards the end of the pier. And when I get to the pier, and look back at the walkway I just came by, it's interesting to see how the shadow looks like it has fallen off into the sea.

The other funny thing I find about shadows is how they are totally different from their origin object. Like this image below, it looks nothing like the actual structure on the pier,

Originally I thought this shadow was taken at another point a bit further along the pier walkway. Then I looked at the image data, the file name and the time stamp, these three images were all taken at exactly the same time which means this would be the building for the shadow above. How weird!! The shadow looks nothing like it.


From the sea to the park. This is a local park and has become kind of my solace during lockdown. Whenever I want to go out and sit down under the sun to feel alive, this is where I come.

The other reason I like this park is because one of my favourite photos of my nan was taken here years ago. My brother played around with photography in his youth days, and he took a lovely portrait of our nan when the flowers were blooming one year. My nan, being a traditional Chinese woman didn't like to take photos. She thinks the camera will suck away her soul, bless her!

The park hasn't changed much over the years, but I'm sure the trees are a lot bigger than I used to remember. So big their shadows look like monsters crawling all over the ground!





The park is always quite busy as we don't have that much green space in town. It's mainly families with their kids, and often the benches are all taken up which forces you to stroll rather than sit in the park. In our old life, in the summer they also did proms in the gazebo. Proms are summer outdoor music performances and are a very British thing.

And now we're heading back home. The other day I was tendering my aloe vera by the window side. It's actually not the best place for the aloe vera as there's too much sun and the plant is starting to go red. This window is west facing and is lovely to watch the sunset in the evenings. And that's when I saw the aloe vera's shadow. I wanted to take a few more shots but by the time I fiddled with the curtains and the position of the plant, the light and shadow had disappered.

Last and not the least, this is my kitchen, please excuse the mess and mould (mold for the Americans) around my sink. After I battled with the washing up, I leave my washing up gloves to battle between themselves. Who do you think will win? Left of right? By the way, do you see another shadow in this image? Can you guess what I use that for?

livinguktaiwan divider.png

I'm going to try collect for shadow images and will be back again when I have more interesting ones to share. Till then, see ya!!


Focusing on the shadows is an interesting way of looking at things. Those images are really cool. I especially like the ones of the trees. I'm not sure what that...device (the jub with the holes in it) would be used for but my guess is a sprinkler. Maybe you attach it to a hose and water plants with it?

That's actually part of my minimalist recycling/reuse new lifestyle. It's a milk carton, I cut one side off and then cut small holes all over to make a colander, great for washing veggies etc. In all honesty, if I knew I'd be living here for over a year and not a few months I'd bought a proper colander, now I just make myself a new one every few months

Thats actually a really good idea. I like that one. I may make one myself at some point.

@leaky20? Sprinkler? I can see why your interest was piqued! :-)


some cool shadows Pauline. That first one is really great with the all the designs!

Thanks Sara, I love that railing, I think it's very classy, in fact I think it's shadow looks a lot nicer than the actual railing

A truly excellent shadow post! It could serve as a model for the community on how to create a quality shadow post! Your photos are all wonderful!

To enter that first photo into the contest, post your link on this week's contest post. Or let us know if you choose a different photo for your entry.

Thank you Melinda, I'm so honoured with your comment, you're making me blush now 😚.

Should the latest contest post be #164?

Yes! My phone thinks it is smarter than I am. I hate when it auto corrects.

mine as well, stupid phone !!!

Lovely lovely shadow photos as only those eyes of yours can focus on and capture. You are an artist! I've been hunting shadows for quite a bit now but don't have anything as gorgeous as these. I love them all.

I thought at first glance it was a cheese grater. But after I enlarged the photo I realized I have no idea what it is at all. But if I had that in my kitchen I'd use that as a strainer to dry veggies I wash.

Thank you for your lovely comment @gems.and.cookies 😍

And you are bang on about that object, it is a drainer!!! I cut one side off a plastic milk carton and then cut small holes all over and use that to wash veggies. Great minds think alike!!!!

Yes! I guessed it right again. That's 3 in a row though that wouldn't count as it isn't still PUD Day when your guessing game, much more difficult is on. Looking forward.

I forgot that PUD is coming up soon!! That would have been perfect, and yes, you would have won 3 in a row then. Now I have to think of something for PUD, thanks for remindng me!!

I always look forward to that. Now don't go about and miss it next month but I know you won't. 😊

Love the colander idea! We need a post on other great recycle kitchen hacks now please!
As for Clevedon, I don't believe I've ever been there which is sad as I love piers! AS a kid, I was always so excited to discover what was right at the end, usually behind the theatre or amusement arcade....would it be my favourite? GO-KARTS or just some blokes fishing!

As for Nanas, why not all get together and do a sort of memorial post to our Nanas, get them all immortalised on the blockchain. I'm game if you are!

Have a brilliant weekend LUT and stay sane and happy :-)

Clevedon is very a very nice town and I think the pier is much nicer than Weston, very classy and quaint, none of the rowdy arcade games, not sure if that's your cup of tea. They were supposed to celebrate their 150th anniversary last year, but of course that was all thrown out of the window.

Remembering our nana, what a brilliant idea, I love it!!! They deserve more love and recognition. Let me pull something together, and I need to find some photos of mine, as I don't want to miss out on the fun and memories.

You enjoy the rest of your weekend as well Nathen!

Those are wonderful shadows, @livinguktaiwan! I love the first shadow, and the shadows of the trees!!!!