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RE: Shadows out and about by the seaside, in the park and the fighting gloves

in Shadow Hunters6 months ago

Love the colander idea! We need a post on other great recycle kitchen hacks now please!
As for Clevedon, I don't believe I've ever been there which is sad as I love piers! AS a kid, I was always so excited to discover what was right at the end, usually behind the theatre or amusement arcade....would it be my favourite? GO-KARTS or just some blokes fishing!

As for Nanas, why not all get together and do a sort of memorial post to our Nanas, get them all immortalised on the blockchain. I'm game if you are!

Have a brilliant weekend LUT and stay sane and happy :-)


Clevedon is very a very nice town and I think the pier is much nicer than Weston, very classy and quaint, none of the rowdy arcade games, not sure if that's your cup of tea. They were supposed to celebrate their 150th anniversary last year, but of course that was all thrown out of the window.

Remembering our nana, what a brilliant idea, I love it!!! They deserve more love and recognition. Let me pull something together, and I need to find some photos of mine, as I don't want to miss out on the fun and memories.

You enjoy the rest of your weekend as well Nathen!