Shadow Hunters Contest #178__What Will You Do If You See A Snake?___ "Shadows" by @melinda010100

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Hello there shadow hunters! It's been awhile since my last post about shadows. I seemed to be lost of time to capture the early morning shadows nor the dark shadows of the trees nowadays. I woke up unexpectedly because of our dog's whining. I already recognized what she saw based on her growling. I know the gecko was passing by again. I decided to have a cup of coffee when I saw a long shadows below our side table.
I intently stared for any movement. It could be a small snake crawling and on guard sensing danger. It's a small snake....a small snake yet it's still a snake!


From that distance, I immediately noticed the dark shadows. I smelled danger.


My instinct told me that I must do something fast as it might run for safety and sneak into Antonia's bedroom.


I could see the tip of the head. Oh my! It's really a snake. My heart start beating fast...


I went nearer, ready for action!


Then I was able to breath feeling relieved. It was the shadow of the table's stand!


It was then that I laughed at myself feeling silly.:)


I decided to take a remake photo of this shadow. It really looked like a snake!

You may wonder why I got so nervous seeing that snake shadows? Let me tell you why:

It was sometime last year when I've killed a king Cobra with my "pamalo", a 2-meter steel bar which I kept in one corner of our Sala for emergency purposes. Lablab, our lady Shitzu was tied at the foot of the railing in our dining area. It was around 2am when I heard her barking profusely and her furry hair were like raised she looked like a porcupine! I looked down the stairs and saw a motionless black shadow! It was good that I left our led light on. I felt a tingling sensation down my spine, feeling the numbness of my head as if my hair were raising high too! It was a snake and a long one! On impulse, I immediately got my "weapon" and when I returned, I saw that it was not only an ordinary snake but rather a
venomous snake! It was already facing Lablab with its head bloated and getting wider. OMG! It's a king Cobra! I told myself. I saw my pitiful dog jumping like a cat but couldn't run. I immediately looked for something to distract the snake and threw anything I could grab. The snake sensed danger and it ran towards the door but it was closed. The more I panicked when I've seen it fly high and bumped it's body on the wall. It was the perfect time for me to have cornered it and by instinct faced me with its wide head and ready to attack. You know guys, I felt like am going to collapse for fear of getting bitten by a Cobra! Oh well, I was so thankful that I haven't moved our rattan hammock which I have detached for cleaning. I sidestepped to protect my feet from its bite and at the same time my pamalo smashed the middle tail because how can I aim for the head when it's ready to attack me? It immediately went limp so I took advantage of the quick impact and smashed the head but my whole body was already trembling. The more I got nervous when it spit out 8 rats! Ugh! No wonder it looked so big.

I haven't slept from there on till morning then I decided to get rid of it and got my stick and touched the tip to see if it still moved. The daylight made the white- bluish grey colour of the snake even more frightful, but I had no choice but bring it outside. I've realized how big it was. It was 5-6 ft. more or less. Since then, I was already extra vigilant when I see movements and see shadows in dark areas. It seems I've developed a trauma because that was the second time when a snake entered the house. That my friends is the story behind why I get nervous when I see long shadows!

Lesson learned: Looks can be deceiving.

Thank you for dropping by my page.



It does look like a snake and after your encounter with a 6ft cobra I would be terrified that it was a snake too! I'm glad this one is not real! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!

Indeed! I really got so nervous and wanted to shout but no sound came out. Lol!

Ako nag basa gi kuyawan. Akala ko talaga ahas.

May lagi sis, kadaganon gud ko hahaha!

Snakes really like cold places. especially if the cements have cracks.

Yeah and to think we have wide space at the back with tall and thick shrubs is the main reason why.