Hive Cross Culture ! Newsletter #1 - Rebranding - Hiring - Ideas for good posts

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Welcome to Hive Cross Culture! (formerly known as "Language Exchange!", a community for bilingual content, language learning and cultural exchange. If you are interested join our discord This is our first newsletter!

Here we go...

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I've decided to rebrand the "Language Exchange!" community to "Hive Cross Culture!". The reason for this is that I want this community to be a little more inclusive and open for a variety of topics including culture exchange.

The overall goals are still the same:

1 - Promote more interaction between users of different languages and culture
2 - Make Hive a welcoming place for language learners
3 - Promote Hive off chain to students of different languages
4 - Coordinate projects between different countries and cultures communities

So we will encourage culture related topics as well as language related.

Building a team

I want to build this into a vibrant community and to do that, I'm going to need some help. I want to make this place as awesome as it can be. I can only do so much. If you like this idea and want to help us grow, please reach out to me. I cannot offer much more than my upvotes and reblogs right now, but I would like to help elevate the people who are most active in helping us grow. As the group gets more resources, we will be supporting contributors as much as we can!

If you are searching for your place on Hive and are interested in foreign languages or cultures, this is perfect for you! Comment below or get in touch on discord

Ideas for good posts on Hive Cross Culture!

I've put together a list of ideas for material you can post here. You are free to come up with your own ideas about how to use the community as well, as long as it relates to language or culture and is respectful to others.

Bilingual Blogging

Share anything you'd like in two languages in this community. The goal is to engage with people from other cultures. The more interesting and original the topic, the better. Be Engaging!

Cultural Topics

Share anything cultural about your own country or the country you are interested in. Get as deep as you can with it. Travel, food and sightseeing spots are OK, but we would much rather see the stuff that we can't learn in a book or with a quick google search.

  • Tell us about how people in your country feel about specific topics, including controversial topics.
  • Let us know what it's like growing up somewhere that we have never been.
  • Tell us about your culture shock experiences!
  • Talk about positive encounters you've had with people from another culture.

Language study topics

Feel free to share any posts relating to language learning. This can include

  • Your study process
  • Some tips for learning
  • Articles about tools or methods you use
  • Comparison of different languages

Questions about a specific culture or language

Posts that encourage engagement with people in your target language are what we hope to see a lot of here. Ask questions! Share something about yourself felt and then ask the question. We want more than a paragraph or two! Extra points for Bilingual posts.

Culture Shock experience

Let us know you experience with a certain culture. It would be great to see people talking about their cultural differences openly and in a peaceful way. Please be respectful. And we invite you to do this as a bilingual study post!

Put out an ad for a language partner

This can work like a self intro but focusing on your language and culture exchange. Tell us about yourself, why you want to study your target language and what kind of person you want to meet. Make it interesting so people want to reply!

International meetups

If you are making a travel plan and want to reach out to multiple communities or share your experiences meeting up with the local community after the fact this is the perfect place to do it.

Anything related to this community

This can include:

  • ideas
  • contests
  • artwork
  • contributions or experiences with other members you've met

What I'm personally posting right now

I started "30 Days of Indonesian" about a week ago and each post usually follows this pattern (the order changes)

  • Indonesian Blog
    A short blog in Indonesian where I share something about myself and/or ask questions to Indonesian friends.
  • Culture Discussion
    Interesting things I learned about Indonesian life or culture including questions for Indonesian friends, thoughts about a documentary or musician etc.
  • Study notes
    Talking about my studying process, study goals, difficult points, and tips for fellow Indonesian students.

Feel free to share any other ideas you have for posts in this community!

If you know anyone interest in joining, please share this post with your friends. Our Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian Hindi and Portuguese speaking member base are growing. We'd like to continue to grow them and grow out each other language and area's member base.

Join us in the chat room!


Thanks. I finally found a community that I might fit it. I often share learning experiences in Korea through language and culture. I will join the community and really hope the best.

Your posts would be fantastic in our group! People living abroad and people wanting to live abroad are the two groups I’m really searching for

Yes. I'm trying to post there but keep forgetting. It takes me a while to get into new things. I will be there soon.

tagging @justinparke, i know his family is trying to learn English

Thanks for the headsup @livinguktaiwan. By the way, not only am I an ESL teacher, but I mostly teach Khmer online, in case anyone wants to learn a virtually internationally useless language.

Any cultural topics are ok. I especially love to hear about culture differences and culture shock

Well whatamidoing, I will get the wheels turning and start thinking of some posts from our life experience that might be relevant to this new community. Thanks

Would love to hear about your take on differences between Uk and Taiwan too :-)

Great idea, have been writing some guides in Finnish and different cultures are really interesting. Living in Spain, but the lockdown made me lost most of my language skills.

You'd be great for our group, I really want to learn more about slight culture difference in the way people behave and live in Europe. Some are obvious but there are a probably a lot of subtle ones I don't know anything about. Feel free to post anything, and join our chat if you'd like!

I think this rebranding is great, this platform is perfect for cross-culture sharing and learning is perfect for this platform and it really fits perfectly with the theme.

I have an idea to start writing lyrics in portuguese and perhaps in both english and portuguese somehow. Hopefully my productivity wave swings back the other way soon. I’ve started getting back into drinking coffee so the signs are pointing to yes ;)

Hah if you ever want a push, send me a message! I’ll try to fire you up!

I think it's very interesting to develop, Hive cross culture can add quality posts on the platform. In steemit I used to take part in #culturevulture and I saw a lot of people interested in joining and including the content there. They make a contest to be rewarded every week and that I think is one of the motivations for content creators to participate. And I'm interested in joining and helping @whatamidoing.

We will have contests! I like your idea for a contest too. Maybe we can make it a collaboration between this community and the Indonesia community. I want to get a few more active users here first but after that we can make a plan

Ok sir, we would like to talk it a few day later, I have in my hometown now, it's difficult for the connection area. As usual, Eid Mubarrak routinities. ^_^

posh -

I love this initiative. All power to you for taking it on. It's almost tempting me to see if I can find time to try and brush up on my rusty and not so great German!

Sure sure! You could also share why you are interested in Germany or what's weird about Germany for you