I Am Alive Day #54 | Back to #3speak after a quite week😍😍

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Good day friend and to all of my fellow #Hivers out there hope is well.

Today guys is my day #54 on participating I Am Alive Challenge by @flaxz through #3speak and it's my day #29 to my very own road to wedding day that supposed to happen on December.

It's been a week I've being quite uploading here at #3speak due to some technical error and data consumption to my Android Phone but the most important here that i am back on track on uploading my video exclussive here at #3speak.

I was Blessed to have this great Hive community, and i am so happy that i am still breathing and Alive even thou we are having now a second wave of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) here at Cebu because day by day covid-19 cases are going up that force our Government here to implement a second wave.

Hoping you enjoy watching my video, wishing you a wonderful day stay in good health stay safe and God Bless!

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How many days until the wedding? You definitely found a great community. Glad to have you.