I FOUND NEMO; He's not very friendly.

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Contrary to the movie Nemo, the anemone fish is not the cute friendly guy about town he's portrayed to be. These little fish have quite a reputation among divers.

Living in their wibbly wobbly home if you so much as dare to come close they turn aggressive and swim at you with their teeth on show. Being so small they can't do us any damage but that's not going to stop them trying.

In the video he darts from side to side nipping at my hands, you have to have a giggle at it's tenacity. Footage shot on our house reef in Moalboal Cebu Philippines.

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I enjoyed "Finding Nemo". They look so cute though. If you didn't say, I won't ever think they are aggressive.

The whole Damsel fish family are quite territorial and aggressive, cute but feisty.

He's so cute. I'd still be scared of him. But his colours are really inviting. I really enjoyed the Finding Nemo cartoon.

Thanks, nothing to fear with Nemo, he's just a little fish with a big attitude.

@JustinParke here on behalf of ASEAN Hive Community.

I didn't know this species behaved this way.

It's cute but I can imagine how things would go if these guys were a wee bit bigger.

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Nemo is like a little dog that thinks it's a Rottweiler, cute as hell though.

Yeah ive had run ins with protective clown fish.

Now pissed off trigger fish... I've been chased by those while they try to take bits of my fins.

When nesting triggers can be real bastards, I had one take a chunk out of my finger in the Surin islands in Thailand many years back.

This was in november. I guess that nesting time because just about every trigger wanted a piece of me it seems.