Indonesian Hive Community Check Flood Disaster Victims Condition in Aceh Tegah

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Dear hivers friend ...

On Wednesday [13/O5] local time, flood disaster hit 3 settlements in 2 subdistricts, namely Kampung Paya Tumpi, Kampung Paya Tumpi Baru, Kebayakan sub-district and Kampung Daling, Bebesan sub-district which resulted in 57 residents being swept away by the flash flood.

A number of victims of flash floods fled to several points, namely to SDN 3 Kebayakan as many as 10 families / 33 people from Kampung Paya Tumpi Induk and Paya Tumpi Baru.

It was also noted that there were 15 families / 56 people displaced from Paya Tumpi and Paya Tumpi Baru. With a total 89 people in the flood disaster impact.

I and @azwar.ipank from the Indonesian Hive Community [IHC] are checking the location of the flash flood disaster in Central Aceh district after talking with Indonesian Curator @aiqabrago and departing from the city of Lhokseumawe on Thursday [14/O5] at 11.OO WIB [Indonesian time]

Efforts made at the disaster site included the establishment of a joint command post, a shelter, and a public kitchen by Tagana Aceh Tengah Social Service at SDN 3 Kebayakan.

We hereby open as much as possible donations to the Hiver wherever you are, to help the groceries of our brothers who are trapped by the flash flood disaster in Central Aceh district, Aceh Province. To donation for flood disaster victims you could see the post below:

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Locations : Aceh, Indonesian
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