It Is Crazy To Think That Bitcoin Is Done

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We see a lot of FUD that is promoting a lot of garbage. The idea that Bitcoin is in trouble is pretty foolish.

In this video I discuss 4 headlines that are out there in just the last 24 hours which are bullish for Bitcoin (and cryptocurrency). We see some big names who are taking advantage of this opportunity. Why do we doubt it whem the money players are piling in?

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bitcoin is not going to end even when it is sometimes controlled by some sharks
i read today news that Malaysia has destroy 1000 bitcoin miners who ran on stolen electricity

Yes, it is indeed crazy to think that. And I also thought that in the recent few days. But Bitcoin (BTC) went up 6.87% in the last 24 hours, and it is above $30 000 USD again.

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently far from done.


Yeah almost all crypto currency have increased

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I also think its dumb to think BTC will disappear. I think GrayScale would just continue buying even if BTC tanked much further. It looks like their strategy is more or less periodic buys no matter the cost.

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