Russia Looking At Banning Cryptocurrencies

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There is a bill in Russia that is seeking to ban cryptocurrency being either bought or sold by Russian citizens.

in this video I discuss how absurd it is for governments to think they can stop what is taking place. Think of the impossibility of the task if there are 100K video games all with digital assets.

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Up to 7 years in prison for mining and fines: the State Duma wants to introduce criminal liability for bitcoin transactions. Russia is rolling in the Stone Age.

Do not fear, the United States is doing its best to race towards that age too.

It seems intent on protecting the existing financial system as opposed to moving forward technoligically.

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what is the name of the Russian bill?

Federal Law No. 419059-7
“On digital financial assets and
amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation "

Его ещё не приняли. Он находится в процессе рассмотрения.


Interesting thoughts, great video! Goes to show how great it is that we have Hive in my opinion.

Fiat Monopolists never learn..

Banning crypto in their country will be the best mistake they will make. In few years cryptocurrency will be the main means of exchange that will be generally accepted all over the world

This is not good. They are doing mistake by ignoring the future. Regulate crypto instead of ban. ☻