Governments Versus The Techies

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It is a race. The governments of the world would love nothing more than to get rid of cryptocurrency. They want to take what they can for their benefit and do away with the rest.

In this video I discuss how Bitcoin does have some vulnerabilities and how important it is to keep our momentum going with development,

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The transparency means that corruption becomes hard. Very hard. Also, decentralization makes it hard for governments to regulate it.

This reminds me of the story of British Enciclopedia when they were approached by Microsoft who wanted to create its digital encyclopedia. They refused to partner and Microsoft bought this small traditional encyclopedia company for its content and packaged it digitally into Encarta. That was the second layer. British Encyclopedia ended up losing its business but Microsoft Encarta lasted very short as Wikipedia appeared and people could get content for free.

Crypto will prevail as the other models are old and have no power against all humanity together using much better technology.

A great analogy to what could possibly happen with cryptocurrency.

The establishment can often try to hold off new technology but the power of the tech innovation always wins out in the end.

Few bring up the Encarta example yet it applies almost perfectly (I hope at least).

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La verdad, que en este mundo como sabemos exite la codicia, y si las crypto sufren una ruptura provocadas por unos pocos, estaria en peligro los usurpadores, gracias por compartir.

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actually no one cares to do away with crypto, its a perfect way to enslave the masses and keep them busy with stupid altcoins , when they all could be developers on dpos and eosio but theyre all working on chainlink and ethereum lol whatever

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