El Salvador Making Global Crypto News

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Do not underestimate the news that El Salvador is throwing its hat into the ring as a player in the crypto space. While that country might not be the ultimate destination, the fact that it is taking this step is big news.

In this video I discuss how, for the last few years, I maintained that governments around the world were going to be powerless against crypto, if for no other reason, than geopolitics. Simply, it is impossible to get consensus among every country. Those who arent major power brokers will see this as an opportunity and will try to take advantage of it.

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The Bitcoin monetary snowball only gets bigger from here. Many around the world are starting to see there are now alternatives besides the legacy system. El Salvador may have started a trend…

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I certainly hope a lot of other countries start to jump on board. This would give plenty of people options as to where to go.

I wonder how long Estonia will remain on the sidelines. That is one country that got on board the digital citizenship early.

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Here we go my Sr. Imagine we always spoke about how carry the masses to the technology and our president say here we legacy the BTC it is a great step.

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It is a big step forward and good for the President for stepping up. This could really help to put El Salvador on the map. It should help to bring some innovation to the country. Hopefully all there start to embrace cryptocurrency and learn about it.

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Indeed my lord, that is good for our small country, imagine this has put us in the foreground and the situation has been very favorable for us with a world surfing tournament on the way and the blockchain 2021 sets made that there was a massive exposure towards our terroir, if we expect this to provide innovations for everyone, there are good projects to place satellite connections to provide internet access to the entire region, then that will provide everyone to cultivate, hopefully it is for the good and that it contributes to the bankarization of 70% of the population that does not have access to financial services and this is the door to do so.

Get those 70% onto Hive. They could be well served by it.

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I hope they coming soon.

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That's massive. Cryptocurriency aren't going down with the political body likes it or not

My man the futurist! Dude i really always love your posts. The pot crypto comparison did crack me up. For that matter i think people should be able to decide for themselves even if they'd like to destroy their lives with heroin. They should be free do do so and choose. As much as the dangers become apparent, so does a social trend prevent it when appropriations take place naturally in a society with a high morale. Less harmless or more harmless stops to even make a difference opposed to individuals taking charge of themselves and their community. State indoctrination and regulations cause things to get out of hand because we give them the responsibility. We need to get it back and as you mentioned decentralize, increase distribution and use our own payment system. Compared to the state of the current payment systems that are like horse, buggies and carriages some really have the potential to drastically change this landscape.

State indoctrination and regulations cause things to get out of hand because we give them the responsibility.

It also makes people behave like children, always having daddy to decide for them. Like you said, if one wants to destroy his or her life with heroin, it is their life. Who am I to tell them not to?

Crypto is going to bring up much larger philosophical discussions. The sad reality is most people are not adult enough for crypto. They prefer the nanny state even though they complain about it.

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Legislation can be reverted, even constitutions can be modified for the worst ( I'm looking at Russia) so the crypto Salvador thing is something to watch but I don't have super high hoper until a few years pass and we see that all this hype is deserved

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