#recipe || How to cook Delicious semolina halwa || i and my friends cooking semolina halwa


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my today video is very much interesting and foodie, in this video , i am enjoying cooking with friends anwar khan, ikramullah, zaiullah professor, and burkhurdar,

so today in this video, i will share with you that How to make semolina halwa is very easy and in winter season we friends often make semolina halva together. It had been raining since this morning and some of us friends thought of making semolina halwa and then you can see in the video how we made delicious semolina halva. Is.


  • One kilogram of semolina is enough for ten people
  • One kilogram of cooking oil
  • One hundred grams of raisins
  • Alhachi Sogram
  • One kilogram of white sugar
  • Two liters of water


To make it, first make a syrup of sugar or gar. Put sugar or jaggery in a quart of water and heat it and when all the sugar is mixed then take it off. In the next step, fry the semolina well in hot oil and when the semolina starts smelling, mix sugar syrup in it and then after three minutes take it off and eat semolina halwa with hot tea.







so after preparing semolina sweet halwa , we ate it with tea, it was really very much delicious. we all friends staff enjoyed this sweet halwa party very much, and hope you all also will enjoy it. dear all friends, we did not cook this recipe in kitchen, we cooked this food in open, so there was no any kitchen,, but we cooked it very well, hope you all will enjoy it, thank you very much for visiting my this video and post
stay happy


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Are you guys cooking in an abandoned school building? that dosnt look like a house to me haha!

Maby some day I can send you a new beanie, so that when I see you making videos, ill see you wearing the beanie that I sent you! Maby I should send a handful of them so that all your buddies can have a new one too haha

What do your friends think about you filming/talking and earning cryptos?


Haha yes it is old building..it is not house...yeah my two friend know about crypto.. I told them..and soon my all friend will join web3... My friends like video..we enjoyed cooking ..i had been raining..get to gather😀👀😆


Nice!!! Was a cool video to watch.. I felt like I was there with you!