Positivity and Gratitude Through The Eyes of A Child

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Going Fishing

We finally managed to go for a quick "fishing" escapade with the kids today. It should have been last Friday, but since the kids woke up late, we did not pursue. Today, everyone woke up early, excited for the "fishing trip".

It's not really fishing where we go on a boat ride or something like that, but instead it was just along the Corniche. We also did not plan to take a long time there because the sun could still be scorching hot from past 9:00am. Nonetheless, it was something the kids looked forward to since they have been stuck at home most of the days.

Overlooking the Abu Dhabi Port.

It was more of a let's-get-some-fresh-air kind of escapade than fishing, and the kids we honestly initially bored. I personally do not enjoy fishing as I get impatient waiting for the fish to bite (if it would ever).

The mood shifted though, when @kennyroy let the kids get involved. He let them handle the fishing rod and the energy soon escalated.


They cheered as my eldest got his first catch. Ever. It was a small fish, but he was so amused and pleased with himself. More so when he got his second catch which was the biggest among the catch of the day.

"Can I try?"

Then it was Little Miss' turn. At first she could not get anything. She didn't stop until she a tiny crab got snagged on her hook. She was squealing with glee! She got her momentum and caught one fish after the other. She got four in all.

I got lucky.

In the afternoon, while we were having a chat, she still could not get over at how well she did at fishing. She said, "You know how I got lucky Mommy?" I looked at her and asked her how.

"I was lucky because I was thinking good things. I was thinking I would get lots of fish, that's why I caught the most fish".

I honestly could not believe I just heard this from a six year old girl. She has put her heart into what she was doing, and attracted positivity to her and she got what she wished for.

She continued,

"Then, I am thankful for what I got."

Amazing thought process by my little girl, I just hugged her so tight. I am so happy with her sense of positivity and gratitude, which what we should always have, especially during these trying times.


A Pleasant Reminder

Life I already difficult as it is, but through a positive mindset, we can manifest positivity in our lives. I try to make a conscious effort to stay positive all the time.

Then of course, gratitude. There is always something to be thankful for, no matter how small.

I am really thankful for this pleasant reminder from my daughter today.



It could take us a long, long way.

Cheers every one!


All photos are mine. Cover photo edited via Canva.


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Sometimes children reminds us how to react/behave on some situation. Parang 'oy may point siya dun'. Naa amaze lang tayo kasi galing yun sa isang bata. Maybe God has His ways paanu tayu iremind since yung utak nating matatanda eh puno na nang mga iniisip na nakaka stress. ☺️

Korek ka Jan. Sa dami na ng laman ng isip natin, most of the times we have to be reminded by the simplicity of a child's thought. Simple, but sometimes all we need. ❤️

What a gorgeous post @arrliinn - yes, as most mothers know, kids are our greatest gurus.

Thank you! ❤️ Yes, golden bits of insights from them almost all the time.

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You have written such a lovely article. I was moved to tears when your daughter said, "Then, I am thankful for what I got." It's so incredible to see the purity of children and their connection to things greater than themselves. Thank you so very much for sharing this story of you and your family. Children can be such moving teachers when we give them the chance.

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Thank you! <3

Children can teach us lessons in the purest form. We just really have to pay attention.

Yes we definitely needs all these breathers at regular intervals. Spending time in nature really makes a lot of difference and I can see how you all had a good time, specially the kids.
Here in Muscat we do the same, go out for fishing, not in boats but just at the corniche.

Connecting with nature really does replenish our energy, right?! It's so refreshing. Glad that the weather is starting to cool down. We really should have more of these.

What a beautiful article, there is really no doubt that children are our true teachers.

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