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This is your splinter fellow warrior mango-juice with another Splinterlands share your battle weakly challenge post!!

So last week, the theme monster was Pirate Archer and I am yet to cope with the competition and again came late by 3 days. I could not resist myself from making an awesome entry with one of my favourite monsters and hopefully, I will publish the next social blog within time!

Anyways, let us look now into this little yet furious card! Pirate Archer is a reward edition range card that belongs to the Water reign and it also comes to with gold foil as usual. This ranger monster is one of the most most popular archer cards in Splinterlands because of his blast ability at only 2 mana cost! I always love 2 mana costs as they are the lifesavers in low mana matches. Wish I could have a max Halfling Alchemist :( XD

Water is always popular for its high power magic attackers capable of beating opponents one by on even before you take a blink! Most of the time I search for opportunities to use Alric with +1 magic attack in the battle and I really enjoy the moments like Medusa stunning the enemy and Ruler killing both enemy cards with his splash damage!

Ok so, before moving on, lt use see what s being written in the book of Splinterlore for him.


The Pirates of ΛZMΛRÉ have destroyed countless ships and crews with muskets and cannons, but recently they have added archery to their arsenal. Their arrows explode into flame upon contact. When they attack at night, the Archers like to go for the sails first; it makes a nice light show.





For normal Reward, Right now there are 2 max levels Pirate Archer available at the market and the price for the low one is exactly 6.25$ (0.054$ per bcx, 7,510.214 DEC). There are also some high-level monsters available at slightly higher prices and The single one is available at 0.084$ and will cost you 100.937 DEC as per the current rate.

For Gold edition, there is currently no max level Pirate Archer available at the market. There are also some 3 or 4 bcx monsters available at slightly higher prices and The single one is available at 2.78$ and will cost you 3,340.543 DEC as per the current rate.

Clearly, you can see the difference between gold and non-gold prices. I bought my Pirate Archer long ago at max level and I think I have paid way less than the current price. Anyways, It's still a great card to hold definitely, why? jump down!

What Pirate is capable of?

Let's have a look into his stats and find out!

  • Level 1 - In its initial level, it carries 1 range attack with 2 health and 1 speed. It brings blast ability at the initial level with it.
  • Level 4 - At level 4, it carries 1 range attack at 3 speed and 3 health.
  • Level 10 - At max level, It possesses 2 range attack with 4 health at 4 speed. It is a fantastic choice for blast decks!



When attacks, This monster will also do damage to the adjacent monsters.

Match line up




Ruleset Of Battle



  • Mana count This match holds a medium 25 mana cap!

  • Summoners This battle supports Water, Earth, Life, Death and Dragon summoners.

  • Ruleset So, It was a single ruleset as below...
    • Earthquake (all the non-flying monsters will get 2 damage upon the start of every round).

It's a medium mana match this time and I am thinking to go for the Dragon summoner Selenia deck with a group of flying monsters and the Pirate Archer at the middle.

As it was an Earthquake match, I intensionally choose more flyers in this particular match. I generally don't use my level 6 Gloridax Soldier but this time I wanted to test him out.





I chose GLORIDAX SOLDIER in the first place because of its abilities. I have a level 6 and it has 2 melee attack at 3 speed and, 3 armour and 7 health. at level 6, it possesses a total of 3 abilities. They are Flying, Oppress and Shield, These 3 abilities along with a decent tank touch make this monster a great choice for flying matches.



I chose MANTICORE in the second place because of its reach and flying power. I have a level 6 and it has 3 melee attack at 3 speed and 9 health. It has the reach ability from its initial level.



I chose GOLD DRAGON in the third place because of its heal, magic blast and flying power. I have a level 4 and it has 4 magic attack at 3 speed and 9 health. It has a total of 4 abilities at max level. They are Flying, Magic Reflect, Blast and Heal.



I chose PIRATE ARCHER in the fourth place because of its blast power. I have a level 8 and it has 2 range attack at 4 speed and 4 health. It has Blast ability from its initial level.



I chose FIRE SPITTER in the fifth place because of its flying power with high range attack. I have a level 5 and it has 3 range attack at 4 speed and 7 health. It has Flying and the evade ability at max level.



I chose FURIOUS CHICKEN in the last place just to save my back from one enemy attack. I have a level 3 and it has 1 melee attack at 1 speed and 1 health. The best thing about chicken is, it mana free. ;)

Battle Result




Let us now take a dive in the gameplay.

Well, it was a very unique match, my friends! My opponent was having high-level cards and his line up was great too! Let's look down to the match!



You can directly view the battle. Just click the hyperlink below.

Battle Link

First, let us follow the opponent's line-up...

  • My opponent @ula.ocean used Water summoner Bortus against me.
  • At the front position, he used Chain Golem Level 4. He chose a shielded tank with shield, void, stun and piercing to his front and I just hope I get able to kill this max level furious beast with my warriors.
  • At the second position, he used the chicken level 5.
  • At the third position, he puts Albratos lev 8.
  • At the fourth position, he chose Ice Pixxie lev 6.
  • At the last position, he chose Phantom of the Abyss lev 3.

AS you can see from the battle, the opponent's line up was defensive, especially with that max chain golem at the front and the abyss at back. He went full-on magic upon me and also used Bortus against me as he thought I would be going with a lot of magic monsters, which I didn't.

I chose 2 melee monsters, 1 magic and 2 archers and that's not an ideal line up for a glance, However, I was right about using 2 blast cards here, gold dragon and Pirate Archer and that combo got hit this time.

Thou my Glaridax was only level 6 and not strong enough, he still bought me enough time to kill some of the opponent's cards and in meanwhile my archers got +1 range from Selenia and used it very hard on my opponent. No doubt, hose blasts are the real cause I won this match.

ULA.OCEAN is a great player and I have fought many times against him in the tranked matches and also in tournaments as well. He is a very good player with lots of good cards and I may have lost this match if I would have gone for a different strategy. If you are reading this, please give him a shout out ;)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Please let me know your feelings by leaving a comment below.

Last but not least, I really wanna say thanks to @aggroed @yabapmatt and the entire @splinterlands team for their continuous and tireless effort on this game. You guys really rock!!

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At only 2 Mana, what's not to love about a Pirate Archer? Fits in nicely when you need a little extra firepower but don't have much Mana to spare.

Thanks for sharing! - @carrieallen

I LOVE THE PIRATE ARCHER! For reals though. Don't feel bad about wanting to showcase him, we all do. 😉 Plus, we all see how much effort you put into these things! It's awesome... so what if you're a 'little behind'?
Keep up the awesomeness! 🥰