Red sunset in Brandernburg

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  • I was on tour, I love to be on tour, traveling is one of my passions, every time I get to a place I like to visit the shops, historical sites, restaurants or cafes and take my cell to all these visits or if I give walks. I like to have memories of all those places or moments very precious to me, when I see something beautiful either a landscape, sunrise, sunset or night I cannot help but take a picture everything that is reflected in the sky is a work of art and I love art in all its expression made by a great artist my beloved God, God is everything. I cannot fail to mention it because everything I see is created by him including us and what we have done derives from the but through us.


-Today the sunset has a red passion, a different sunset than the ones I have seen, I was very impressed by the tone of it, I could not avoid taking pictures of it and what was around it, residences, buildings, some old and others modern but very nice, each one has its beauty, the clouds were the contrast along with the sun but its tone made it unique, I like to observe everything around me, and I was wondering . . .


Does anyone in any of those buildings have the same curiosity as me to observe and admire this beautiful sunset that nature is giving us this day? Could it be that someone fell in love with this sunset and is turning it into art? Could it be that this sunset inspired someone to make a song or create a melody? Or does it inspire you to write a book? Sometimes I wonder a lot of things when I visit certain places, if other people see things as I do, full of so much beauty.


-For me photography is an art that captures the wonderful moments of a human being and the most spectacular landscapes that can be, I have many albums in boxes, so many photos I've taken with my camera, on my computer and my cell phone likewise, I have many photos too, I love to remember through them to my family, friends, sites I've visited and my presentations, some are shared by my states and social networks, most of all nature, I want to share my taste for every landscape I see, every picture for me is a treasure, make me very happy and that I want to transmit how happy they make me and show how beautiful our world is.


  • Our world is wonderful, God gives us every day a different day, of different shape and color, one day can be sunny another rainy and sunsets with different colors combined in an exquisite way, simply sublime.


Photos taken by me.


The sky looks amazing

Yes very beatiful sky

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