Telokanda Weekend Discord Party Tonight Was Lit

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The 'Telokanda Weekend Discord Party' was quite fun tonight and as usual, a handful of community members turned up for the party. It was so lit as attendees witnessed redpackets, redenvelopes, airdrops, trivia drops, emoji game, quiz session, voice chat, music play. We got Turnt. 😜 If you missed this week's edition, do not miss next week's edition. Over at TELOKANDA Discord, we party for a living. Come over and win free Crypto tips given out using @tipit bot, @tip_cc bot and we also setup Giveaways with @kandabot. Party with Bloggers, Investors, Photographers, Analysts, Enthusiasts etc. Experience rains of HIVE, KANDA, SATOSHI, EOS and many more. Here is a breakdown of our Official parties.


Wednesdays 6pm GMT+1: Axey Trivia Show
Fridays 8pm GMT+1: Telokanda Weekend Discord Party



@tip_cc Tips

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Lit for real!

Good vibes, music and people. I enjoyed the Telokanda Weekend Discord Party! Epic rains! Come join us and collect rains of HIVE, KANDA, SATOSHI, EOS and many more. You'll also meet cool people from all over the world too.

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Yeah. Much love to all the community members. Your support brought us this far fam!

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Comment on promoted Posst and get 3-4 KANDA upvote AND 50 cents to $1 in HIVE upvote from @challengedac whiel supplies last!

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Yep, it is really cool
You should join the fun :)

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Absolutely! stay safe bro.