#fiestatuesday 1979 Mexico 1 Onza Medallic Silver Bullion Coin, Sister Teresa D’Mordecai: Part 9

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“Black birds tend to like shiny things.” ~ The Bloody Raven

I found this from a Canadian Ebay Seller costing me far less in shipping and avoiding the gauntlet of various tax hungry Canadian Border Services. Judging from the selection it was ‘Previously loved’ by an eastern Stacker that may have needed the cash in light of the Chinese Covid pandemic.

It shows considerable handling complete with bag marks but I love this piece as it has the big hefty feel .
No need for a capsule. I love the feel of this coin in the raw.
I wanted this particular coin as a part of a type set and beef up my Mexican Silver Stack at the same time.

The Coin

1979 Mexico 1 Onza Medallic Silver Bullion Coin

Obverse: “De Balancein” Manual ‘Press’, CASA DE MONEDA DE MEXICO 1979
Reference KM# M49b
Mintage of 4,508,000

Sister Teresa D’Mordecai: Part 9 – A demon haunts this Cemetery

There was no need to conceal the assault, a bugle sounds the order to reform ranks to what was the last chance to take all the treasure and stop this revolution in it’s tracks.
The line of Cavalry trot cautiously through the withering flames, more precious time wasted before the rebel forces come to the General’s aid.

“Un-blind the horses!” The Masked Officer cursed as the infantry tries to reform their assault and maneuver his cavalry around his troops. “Damned this narrow cemetery road!” Once clear he hesitated long enough for his Cavalry to consolidate back into a column of twos. Before he could issue the command to charge a large black mass flies close with a ferocious snarl spooking the horses and almost throwing the officer and his junior off.
“What was…Carlos, did you see that!”

Angel Statue by jmarguis under Unsplash

Lieutenant Vincente Guerrero watches the approach of the enemy cavalry, “Fall back to the last wagon!” He makes the order as their position was no longer effective in defending when they charge through the center. The few remaining rebels brake off and run for their final position. Guerrero slowly steps backwards away from the front line. He could see the cavalry preparing to charge but hesitating when something unexplainable startles the horses buying precious seconds, he took it as a good omen, “General we must fall back!”

Meanwhile José beats off one more solder then desperately searches the around the first wagon, “Teresa where are you?” The darkness and chaos made it difficult to identify anyone. The enemy troops regroup to follow after the Cavalry.

Guerrero recognizes the impending danger of the tactic and urged the general again, “José!”

His Lance mate gripped his lance nervously and replied, “I…I … don’t know my Capitan I think a demon haunts this cemetery!”

The Masked officer shrugs the chill off and levels his lance, “It’s gone now!” His eyes turn from his Lance mate and focused upon the opening between the wagons. “Follow me, AVANTE!”

1979 Mexico 1 Onza Medallic Silver Bullion Coin
Reverse: Scales , Legend; UNA ONZA DE PLATA PURA
LEY .925, PESO 33.625 GRAMOS, Mo
Silver (.925), 33.625 g
41.5mm Diameter, 3mm Thick

“Six rounds left.” Argénta stepped into the gap and fired one two at the knees of the two lead horses. Both horses whined before crashing into the ground between the wagons throwing their riders face first onto the road. She instantly holstered her spent pistols and drew her remaining pair.

Once more firing once, and then twice, two more riders fall from their mounts as they try to circle around their fallen comrades. Argénta turned to Jose and echoed Vincente’s warning, “General Morelos! Leave her and retreat!” She again turned to face the front line with the enemy cavalry still trying to funnel through between the wagons and thrashing horses. Her pistols spat fire once again.

Two more horses fall in the gap blocking the remaining enemy cavalry from coming through. She started to follow Vincente to their last line defense.
“Excellent, it will buy us more time.” Vincente then queries Argénta, “When did the Order of St Angeléasta teach their Nuns how to shoot so well?” He didn’t have much opportunity to ponder whether a Nun’s strength comes from raw courage or faith. “Look out Sister!”

1979 Mexico 1 Onza Medallic Silver Bullion Coin
Reeded edge, another departure from the Mint's traditional of Mexico's motto.

The Masked officer remained still, but his co-Lancer still gets up somewhat groggy thrusts his lance at the Argénta. She steers his lance aside with her left pistol. Her right pistol emerges a hidden dagger blade and plunged into this throat just above the breast plate, a melee weapon of last resort.

He grasped his throat and gurgles before collapsing to the ground.
Argénta crossed her pistols above the dying man and uttered, “Dimittat vobis peccata vestra dico autem Deus non, amen.”

Royalist infantry emerged en mass atop of the front line wagons, “Look out! Run!” cried Vincente. Their rifles thundered as José, Argénta and Vincente all turn to flee to find cover behind the last wagon. Argénta shrieks as a musket round tears into the back of her right calf and stumbles onto the road. Vincente stops in his tracks, returns to the stricken Nun. He lifts her in his arms and runs as musket fire whiz past them until they find refuge behind the last wagon.

Yes, it’s the Bonus coin feature

I was intending to send this to my Sister @silversaver888, but recently got one.

1888 Mexico 25 Centavos Business strike

Obverse; Mexico Coat of Arms, REPUBLICA MEXICANA
Silver 0.903, 6.77g
25mm Diameter, 1.25mm thick

From behind the wagon all eyes turn to their General, his thoughts were clearly of Sister Teresa. The General looked into their faces, “Death ground she said, I will fight to the end, I will not surrender.”

There was a commotion among the Royalists as they manage to pull away one of the treasure laden wagons. Then quiet. Peering from over their cover it seems everything was darker with the moon providing the only illumination of the cemetery and hand torches sprinkled over the enemy’s position. The angelic statues and tombstones had an eerie luminescence. The air became colder than usual and the sound of distant raven mourning.

Then there was a horrible pitched scream of a solder being attacked followed by a brief silence. Then another place in the cemetery a man begged, “¡Ayuadame! ¡Ayuadame!” Before that voice was silenced as well. The Royalists began to huddle together to those with torches, seeing things, seeing shadow creature among them then disappear. Men on the periphery of the company scream and disappear into the dark. An officer was found torn apart. His eyes frozen open in terror. Another scrawled a warning message on a tombstone in his own blood before dying, Vampira

Oreaga took over command of the remaining cavalry and infantry, “Secure that wagon to our rear!” With one treasure wagon safe Major Colonel Oreaga surveyed the battle. Some of hIs men began fleeing passed him to the rear. Panic has set in. The men were frightened as if they have seen a ghost, their fighting spirit broken. In the distance he could see a mass of torches approaching the south entrance to the cemetery. It was too late to secure the second wagon and losses too great to justify further risk. The Rebel army is coming.

1888 Mexico 25 Centavos Business strike

Reverse; Radiant Cap, Scales, Sword, Scroll inscribed with ‘Ley’
Lettering: 25 CENTAVOS, GoR.902,7
Guanajuato Mint, Mintage of 312,000
Reference KM# 406.5
Reeded edge

The remaining cavalry formed aside the major Colonel as the dying light of the broken burning oil lamps lingered casting a glow to Oreaga’s face. The Major Colonel tips his hat to the survivors, “I commend you General Morelos for a well fought battle but I now must take my leave, and Gracias for my third of the Treasure, until our next battle ha ha ha!”

The thunder of horses roar passed the survivors, Lieutenant Guadalupe Victoria leads his Cavalry and immediately forms a front facing the Royalist officer. “Draw swords and lances!”

“You win General Morelos, we will withdraw, Adios!” Oreaga ignores Lieutenant Victoria’s sneer as he wipes his nose with a kerchief. Oreaga turned his horse and rode up the moonlit road. His Royalist cavalry and remaining infantry follow in behind him.

Musket By cloney Under Pixabay

General Morelos shoulders his way between his horsemen when the masked Officer began to stir back to consciousness. Morelos tears the kerchief from the officer’s bruised face, “Lieutenant Rodriguez Sabastian Lopez so you are our Traitor!”

Lopez began to giggle in spite of his predicament, “You will lose this war José, heh heh, It is hopeless when can’t pay for the arms shipment now! The Viceroy still has another army that crush your pathetic army of peasants!”

Vincente shoulders up to Jose and hands José a loaded pistol.
General Morelos’ glum expression telegraphed his reluctance to do what must be done with captured spies, “I am sorry my old friend.”
Lopez’s eyes turned defiant, “Long live King Ferdinand! And death to….”
A solitary shot rang throughout the cemetery, then all is quiet.

“One less share to pay out,” Oreaga holds out his kerchief and drops it to the ground then jogs his horse to quicken it’s pace.


Previous chapters of Sister Teresa D’Mordecai;

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1945 Gold 2.5 Peso - Sister Teresa D'Mordecai Part 2
2017 Silver 1 Onza Libertad - Sister Teresa D’Mordecai, Part 3
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1951 silver Five Peso, Sister Teresa D’Mordecai Part 5
1993 Mexico Silver 10 and 20 New Peso, Teresa D’Mordicai, Part 6
1982 Mexican Silver Libertad, Sister Teresa D’Mordicai Part 7
1987 Mexico $100 Pesos Monarch Coin, Sister Teresa D’Mordecai: Part 8


1. My own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

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I love the 1979 Mexico 1 Onza silver @kerrislravenhill what a good find, and from Ebay to make it that much easier!!😀
Stay safe my friend!!

I hope I can get another but a different year. I have to get more Mexican coins to keep this story arc going a few more parts.
Appreciate the comment @silvertop

Nice....I look forward to reading the post!😀

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Love the Onzas, sis... and a beautiful 25 centavos specimen!!!
(THANK YOU for thinking of me. LOL, it is so funny, that when I am looking at silver and things, you are in my mind and thing... hmmm, I know my sis will like this...)
Except for the new Libertads, Mexican coinage (even the circulating clads of today) just has the "feels" of old coins to them. Awesome show, sis!!!
Have a beautiful evening, my lovely sis @kerrislravenhill. Take care 🥰🌺🤙, lots of love💓💝 and a million and one Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!

I'll be looking for other 1888 coins on Ebay as I stalk and hunt the coins that sparkle my fancy. This 1888 Second republic coin looks less circulated. Sourced from a Canadian Ebay Seller at bit of a steep price from a Stacker's point of view but reasonable from a Numismatist's that I didn't have to pay the retail price.
History in our Hands! The deeper I delve into the history of Mexico the more I have an appreciation for what genuine Liberty is.

Nobody should mess with the Sisters in the Order of St Angelista, Nobody.

Always, with Sisterly love... 🌺 💝 🌹 💓 🌸 🌼
Viva la revolution!

Awesome post @kerrislravenhill! Gotta like not having to deal with the crooks at the border!! keep kickin butt K, stack on and stay safe!. !tip 1

Why, God Bless you for the tip. @fat-elvis , while I don’t see myself as a professional Paperback writer it’s always good to get any positive feedback or even critique every once in a while. I'd write even if it was only Silversaver reading knowing full well most Steemians/Hivers don’t curate at all let alone comment.
It’s all BOT automated as it seems. But here I am, and I like to make stacking and Economic history more fun to read about.
Thanks for the comment, 💋 💗

Cant upvote more because you are hurting yourself by breathing your waste. I was recently removed from employment for not wearing a covering. I await the response from my lawyer. If it makes you feel better then more power to you. Just know it hurts more than it helps as most mandates do. Other than that great post. I learned something.

That's terrible, in North America no one should really be forced to wear masks. I hope things work out for you and win this case.

Here's what I commented on another thread....

I wear 'the mask' more for commuting by bike from my work place. I also work as a nurse to be precise. I consider this Covid19 exercise as medical overkill as I'd me more likely be killed in a Traffic accident than die from this virus, I do so wear the masks and various other PPE supplied by my Unit to protect the patients under my care, some are aged and they are the most vulnerable according to the viral profile.

I also wear 'The Mask' as to conceal my identity as a Member of Hive's #silvergoldstackers group and I have a fortune of Precious metals in my possession. And therefore reduce my being recognized by people in my hometown who may be tempted to find and target my home. My leather masks are not even close to N95 ISO 9002 standards and are altered for freer breathing.

The medical masks I use in my profession are standard Paper single use. They are merely a physical barrier of limited effectiveness and used often in conjunction with other PPE IF any patient I have tests positive, and so far none have. I know the statistics.
Any positive cases will prompt staff to the N95 type but it is subject to availability and distribution.

I find these single use paper masks uncomfortable and slightly restrictive in breathing but necessary compared to my personal masks which are designed more to keep road moisture, dust and particles from my face as I ride my bike in rush hour traffic. I clean them in soapy lukewarm water.

And finally I wear my leather masks as my alter ego ~ The Bloody Raven, Silver Pirate.

I hope you discover the much suppressed information about exosomes and viral theories. I want to know if they can tell the difference with the electron micro. Dr. Raymond Royal Rife could see the microscopic particles without disturbing them. There is a newer dark microscope that was recently invented. I know you are mostly trapped like me and we fight through peaceful disobedience.

I just found out there is no law to protect employees. I just ran out of time to type. Hope to see more of that pretty face. I need to post my new stack additions.

A very nice piece @kerrislravenhill! Old silver is very attractive for it's age as well as all it's been through. Awesome writing as well and as usual sista! Well done! Take care and have a wonderful day tomorrow!🤗🤗💕🌼

Got a new keyboard. I kind of rushed this part of the story and having to fixed a few errors today. Somehow I still got 400+ upvotes despite the errors.
Not a BU new coin but feels very nice in my hand. Bullion silver just prior to the new ISO9002 Bullion standard.
Thanks for the comment @elizabethbit


I was anxious, waiting for this continuation of the story. I hope the next chapter is not far away in time... :=)

Nice looking coins. 1979, the coin is older than me 🙃

Lol, And the 1888 Mexico 25 Centavos is older than all of us.
My alter ego was born about 1482 and that makes her quite oldish so by the time of the Mexican revolution it would put her 324 years at 1812 and 497 years at 1979. But the coin feels great in my hand!
Thanks for commenting @djohan

Just to let you know that I am here now. Figuring things out.

I'll hold your hand through this, I know there's a lot to learn.

Just figured what the Notifications is/are.

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Lmao I had to recoup to read the rest after Jose started beating off the soldier🤣

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