Projects I’m working on.

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I’m excited about this hive hustlers community. Here is a quick look at some projects I’m working on.


I have pickleball paddles all over my house. Me and my buddy sell these on amazon. Business is very seasonal. I really need to learn more about advertising on amazon. I’ll sell you a paddles for hive if you want.


Online sports card shop. Still trying to get this figured out. Hopefully have it up and running on eBay with @shoemanchu by end of June.

Sports cards are soo fun for me. I hope it can really grow for us.


Splinterlands rental deck. I’m up over $2 a day again. I hope it can transfer to hive okay and I can keep growing it.

I’ll share a few more projects later this week. I wish I had more time in the day. Building is fun. Winning is hard. Have a good one all. Let me know what you are working on.

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Great to see an update! If you are looking to build a marketplace maybe the LootKit team could help - let us know :)

I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for stopping by.

Happy to have you on board - and nice Splinterlands cards! I started getting into it, but haven't stuck with it - what's your recommendation for building up a small/passive income stream with it? Buying and then renting cards out, or...?

We will have to see. The switch that hive will slow things down for a bit.

I like renting and if you have enough cards you can have someone play your deck and split the earnings.