Finding a way to deal with the worldly issue!

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The only characteristic that distinguishes life on earth from paradise is languishing. It represents a problem for humanity and requires a solution. This problem is linked to human desires, whose satisfaction is often difficult and uncertain, if not impossible and always temporary and in need of renewal; is destined to end in death sooner or later.

An extreme way to solve this problem is to kill these desires by detaching themselves from their objects, offering minimal care to the body, or simply killing themselves. This detachment consists of treating these objects as deluding or in vain. It comes from defeatism or mysticism. In cases where life offers opportunities for pleasant activities and honorable tasks, this detachment is premature or suspicious. Like suicide in these cases, it may indicate a morbid disposition characterized by laziness and cowardice.

The opposite of this extreme path is the basis of modern civilization. It implies a stubborn attachment to the objects of our desires, such as health, pleasure, mutual love, and success. It is also a tenacious effort to satisfy these desires.

However, these efforts cannot be effective without knowing or functioning the world, including humanity. Ultimately, it generates and responds to the need for science in the broadest sense of speech and technology, which is the art of ensuring that the laws of nature serve human interests.

It also creates a sense of dignity, regardless of mistakes and failures that indicate fallibility. This feeling belongs to people who have great difficulty in achieving their earthly goal - in a word, people who adhere to this principle: they strive to prosper. It is unique in brave life, fighting again and again against difficulties and changes, never boring. By comparison, life in peaceful idleness or life after the death of restful happiness by definition as boring, effortless, painless, and immutable as a mineral is deadly: perfected tedium.

If our ancestors had collectively referred to renounce world happiness rather than pursue it, why would this aspiration be inextricably linked to suffering, would it have preserved ancient history in filth? It would be a fossil for anyone to see - none, but different animal species that, unlike humans, would not lose their will to live for better or for evil, and therefore could be called superior animals.

However, this commitment to a courageous life must be qualified. In the unlikely event that one must be completely incapable and overwhelmed by the difficulties of illness or injury, without the slightest prospect of future recovery and satisfaction, abandoning its objectives and perhaps even its existence would be a reasonable option. It seems that a stubborn attachment to the objects of one's desires and a stubborn effort to satisfy those desires would be painfully useless and therefore more stupid than courageous if this satisfaction were in no way possible.

Similarly, there are times when the bravest warriors must admit defeat and count on their honor to leave this world peacefully through their bleeding wounds. Assuming his last outing is unbearably protracted, another warrior might be right to speed it up at their request, because certain but persistent and anguishing death appears to be ludicrous.

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Wow! Desire is cause of suffering.