Spring cleaning and haworthia propagation

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Spring is here and it's time to get the plants repotted and cleaned up before it gets too hot and they become dormant. At the moment they are growing new roots and leaves after the colder months and some of the cacti are flowering.

Gymnocalycium bruchii.jpg

I sowed a lot of mesemb seeds in a tray about 2 years ago and I should have separated them long ago, in fact, sowing them like this was a mistake because the roots all ended up terribly tangled and the competition for nutrients left some of the plants extremely stunted.

mesemb tray.jpg

In the end, I have 60 little pots, I'll see how many survive the transplanting.


I'll see how they do now that they have sufficient space to grow better roots. Ultimately I want to sell these at my local succulent show so it's ok to have so many. In hindsight I probably should have washed the soil off and separated them more carefully but I think that these will recover quickly enough.

Next was dealing with this monster ball of haworthia offsets that has lost its roots


It's started regrowing its roots and it makes sense to dismantle into separate plants.

root loss.jpg

In the end, there are 13 separate plants, the one with the large stem and roots is the original parent plant. As can be seen, all the offsets have their own roots so I will wait a few days for the separated ends where the offsets were attached to the parent plant to seal before I pot them up and they will quickly start growing. In some species of haworthia, this is actually a form of reproduction: the plant makes a large ball, loses its roots and then starts to roll around and the offsets detach and hopefully manage to reroot themselves. This is actually a better form of plant reproduction for my purposes, I'll have large, saleable plants very soon.


I also sowed some more haworthia seeds and repotted all my seedlings,
something that I should have done long ago and I will have quite a few plants ready for the succulent show in December.

Another outstanding task: remove this mesemb that germinated in the adromischus pot but I'll wait until it's finished flowering.


I also got a lot of new plants that were couriered to me, I'm doing a lot of online buying, now that lockdown has made me unable to buy from the local sources. These are also plants that I'm planning on propagating or reselling


Very interesting. I love growing plants on my patio but have never tried my hand at succulents. Appreciate you sharing your methods :-)

As long as you get a bit of sun and can control the water that the plants receive, it's worth trying. So long as the conditions are more or less suitable for them, succulents thrive on neglect. Add to that, the beauty of their forms and they are exactly my kind of plant


Wow!! This is really interesting, thanks for sharing with us 😍

It's a pleasure. Growing succulents is a lifelong passion of mine

The Gymnocalycium.... <3
And so many babies! Fingers crossed for those. I tend to lose many seedling after repoting. Now I try to sow them in larger pots so I don't have to do it too soon.

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Yes, the gymnocalyciums are firm favourites.
As for the mesemb mess, live and learn ....

You must have a large room for all your great plants.. The way haworthia disperses it's babies by rolling around with the wind is fascinating...

Nature has many different ideas.
As for me, I have plants all over the house. Once I have finished my necessary renovations, the plan os to set up a dedicated growing area in th yard that is covered an supplies the right amount of shade

You are doing a great job with the mesembs. They are blooming and looking very healthy. Lovely. Good luck with your business.

Thank you. I really hope this can succeed

I hope that your great work will not be in vain.
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Thanks, I will do that if I have a problem

Some beautiful flowers on the plnts.

 last month (edited)

Yes! For many years I grew cacti for their forms alone because most cacti never bloom unless they are kept outside

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Good luck.

Thank you. The eggs are definitely not all in one basket

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Wow! You have a lot of work to do in that department! Hope you could get the tiny plants to grow much bigger soon!

Good luck

The plants take their own time and I've learned not to try and rush them

This is rather a nice reminder for me too!


I just love succulent plants they are so cool them flowers on the first photo are adorable 😁

Yes, there's something about them for sure

They really are cute and colorful 😊

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I love their flowers! Good luck with all of your baby succulents!