Sublime and Beautiful Sunday - In Search of Insects

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Sublime and Beautiful Sunday ,,,,My 25.7.2021 edition.

First, I would like to thank the organizers @c0ff33a for #SublimeSunday and @ace108 for #BeautifulSunday for initiating this Community on Hive. This is a great community for us Hivers to be able to share contents with good feelings and vibrations and spread cheerfulness to everyone.


We have a very sunny day today so I went for a walk after having breakfast. I was on my way to the Donau Auen National Park and passed thru a pathway used by walkers, hikers and bikers. The pathways have tall grasses now and has not been maintained since the beginning of Spring. At any rate, I have brought along my camera because I wanted to have snapshots of the insects I could find in the area. So this post is about the insects I found along the way.



The insects I found were mostly bees and its variety... Last week I was posting about the green beetle Rose Beetle that is said to be an endangered specie. This variety of beetle only sips the nectar of flowers and has a life span of two years. They are not harmful to humans in most cases.


I guess the most common insect in the pathway is the bees, they are in abundance in the area and likes to sip the nectar of the thistle plant. They are one of the most important pollinators. They are a declining specie which may be caused by many factors including pesticides, pollution, virus, parasite diseases among others..




This is a wasp variety that could sting so painfully which could give one a swollen skin. It has a tapered abdomen and a narrow waist plus a yellow/black stripes in its body.


Graphosoma italicum..


Graphosoma italicum is a species of shield bug in the family Pentatomidae. It is also known as the Striped bug (or Italian striped bug) and Minstrel bug.
The body is almost round, with a large shield. The basic color of the upperside of the body is red, with wide black longitudinal stripes. The pronotum has six black bands. The antennae are black. Also the sides of the abdominal segments (connexivum) are red with many small black spots.

The mating minstrel bugs...above and below

This is all for now but I will surely find more of these fascinating insects and I will come back in the said pathway to make more snapshots to share with you. Til then, have a peaceful and lovely Sunday evening.


All images are owned by @mers...Camera: Canon EOS 90D w/ EFS 18-135mm lens.

GIF by @Gremayo.gif
GIF by @gremayo


WOW! Ang dami mong na-capture na insecto ah! It only means that the weather is good out there. As for us here, we've got strong wind and occasional rain. Kainis lumabas.

Sorry to hear about the weather there. Sa Paranaque baha lagi...konting ulan baha na agad
Thanks for dropping by Glo. Have a good night sleep my dear.

Hang galing talaga ng post mo gaganda ng mga shots. I shared to my invites kining mga post mo. I told them na mao ni Mentor ko sa blogging, read and learn sa presentation.

Salamat Jude, maayo unta mu post sila consistently... para matandaan sila ng mga curators.

Macro shots at its best.

Thank you darl @fycee.

The bees definitely look more busy than the rest of the insects.

True, the bees were everywhere busy hopping from one flower to another. Thanks for dropping -by.

You're welcome

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I love the first photo 😍❤️

Hahaha... it´s also my favorite so I made it the title pic... Thank you dear for coming ober here and for your support.

Ang ganda naman ng pagkakakuha ate.

Thank you. i steady o lang camera mo dapat hindi gagalaw para clear ang focus.

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Thanks too for the great work done for this platform. Cheers to a great week ahead!