Photocircle: "Our direction"

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As the launch of the new Hive blockchain is getting closer, we think it’s about time to make a statement about the direction that we will take for the Photocircle project.

Firstly, the Photocircle project will support the Hive blockchain as the first community driven decentralized platform in the blockchain space. It’s something that the majority of the steem community have been wishing for.

Our initiative to curate for the photography community will still proceed as per usual. Regardless of which blockchain we will participate our goal is to be of service and assistance to the photographers in the blockchain space.

For the meantime our curation effort will be reflected on both blockchains: Steem & Hive. However, eventually we will take side at some point. It doesn’t matter where.

We will go where the photo community goes.

As mentioned earlier, we will participate on both chains until the right time comes to select the one that we will call home.

Stay safe & healthy everyone!


don't let me post on hive, I get a message "Missing Posting Authority" do you know what could be the cause?

May I know which frontend you're using? is the best for now, it's the steempeak equivalent in Hive.

To login, Peakd has a built it PeakLock or Hive Keychain

@peakd made a good intro about it here:

@themarkymark made a post about Hive Keychain here:

Those 2 posts really help me work on my posting activities here in Hive.

You may let me know if you're still having issues on your posts. Hope to see you posting here as well, see you!

Ok so with peakd it let me post. So anything I post on on peakd will appear only on peakd and hive and anything I post on steemit will appear only on steemit? So is ok to post same subject on both steemit and hive and each will go separate? Or should I post only on one platform? Thanks

Yes, that's right. Hive & Steem is completely separate blockchain.

The Hive frontends are:


Steem frontends are:

Everyone is entitled to participate / post on both Hive & Steem. It's ok 😊

Note: Your account name & passwords are exactly the same on both Hive & Steem.

I have used the Brave and got the same problem. After moved to Chrome the problem gone.

So, we don't have to choose where to post, here or on Hive?

For the meantime, Yes! The daily featured photos might be different for each chain.

May I know on which chain will you intend participate?

If I can, I would try both. I don't understand what will be the difference. So I hope I can decide later, where to stay. What do you think?

I'm for the Hive. I'm going to blog only there.

That's ok. We'll see you in Hive as well 😊