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Greetings from Suriname everybody! Every day we usually go to the store and I love to share my life on Hive because Hive has a lot our lovely friends and make us enjoy doing it every day.

We go to the store near our place often, but sometimes we need go to far from our place for something they do not have near our place. My husband bikes and I just sit behind him. We always talk about what we will do when we leave here and about everything we will do in future. We bike and talk a lot.



These streets are downtown in Paramaribo. I have free time to take pictures because I ride on the back. I wanted to take pictures for a post.


The temples here are always like this one, for their religion.


He bike ride on the road by google map but sometimes google maps is wrong, so we need to walk on a small bridge to get to the place we wanted to go.


The way to town the first time to bike it’s okay but when he bike coming back home he feels very tired and me too. We said, we have very difficult life but we have more in love. We not have difficult life a long time, one day will be better, we hope 😇.



These pictures from the other day. We enjoy to go outside every day to buy food.


This is a small store that sell only vegetables and some fruits. All the time when we go to the store we always took our own bags because we think a lot about the plastic.


This is a old picture maybe one month ago but I love this picture the most. I feeling I have a warm love ❤️. He is biking and taking umbrella for me too. He is a poor man but he has beautiful heart and good husband and good dad too.

The same people said “no car is no love, no money is no honey.” Today I want to change some words. No car it’s not important for real love! No money but has a lot of love 😂💗. Have a beautiful day everybody.


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Money never buys happiness, you have had some amazing experiences even when difficult. Healthy way of commuting around, yes I too carry my bags to try avoid all this plastic in the world today.

Greetings to @justinparke and yourself @sreypov not forgetting your lovely daughters.


Oh I am really glad to hear that, we took everything in own bags a lot but I not yet see the people here use it. They are like easy life and use plastic every time they go to the store. For me use vegetables bags it’s easy more than use plastic and feeling very good. Give thanks and thank you for your kind words 🙏🏻❤️. !ENGAGE 35

Yes the waste of money in buying plastic bags, then ending up in waterways it seems long overdue to ban them completely.

Hope things become easier for you @sreypov


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That church is so pretty! I liked seeing the photos of Paramaribo! And yes, LOVE is more important than money or a car! LOVE is the most important thing of all! 💗

Yes it’s very true!!! I agree with you dear @thekittygirl! LOVE is the most important thing of all! ❤️💚💗. !ENGAGE 20

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I love your adventures. The photos are great and the buildings are interesting. I loved this post my friend!

Thank you my friend I am glad you interested 😊. !ENGAGE 15

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Lovely pictures 😍
Absolutely agree with you, luxury and money can never bring you love, small things matter more!

Yes, that’s right! Cheers! Many thanks 😊. !ENGAGE 15

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Haha indeed the kind heart and the way he treats you is the most important.
Beautiful shots of the city :)

Yes, he is! Thank you ❤️. !ENGAGE 15

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I love seeing you walking around on a bicycle.

Yes, we are always happy with the bike. Thanks. !ENGAGE 10

Yeah, that's great, 'cause it's rare now to see him like you do this.

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I love your pictures. I see a lot of bananas. We eat so many bananas for smoothies. Yum

Yes, we eat so many bananas too. Thanks. !ENGAGE 10

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Biking must be tiring but love gives you both strength

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk

Yes, it's right! Thank you too for your comments.


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Many thanks 😊