A beautiful, colorful leaf, shells, dried starfish - my natural souvenirs from Gomera

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What souvenirs from trips do you value the most? I like the natural ones the most, but without interfering with nature. So, for example, a leaf that fell from a tree - okay, or shells found on the beach, but for example, a dried starfish I took back to the beach.


Some of the things in the picture were only to be painted. I really like to paint places I travel to or nature that I find there. I usually paint with watercolors. I painted palm trees on Gomera.

I really liked this large seed. I found them under one of the trees in San Sebastian, Gomera. There were coffee seeds inside, but it was definitely not coffee. On the tree, this large seed looked like a boomerang. Sometimes I like to give my own names to trees. For me it was a boomerang tree ;)


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