A beautiful day in the dunes and by the sea!

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My sister on the dunes overlooking the sea and the kite surfers!

Hey guys,

so today is part two of our trip to Warnemünde - I was really looking forward to it! After we sat down on the beach and watched the kitesurfers for a while it got a little cold (yes, the sun was there but the wind was not bad ;)). We then walked to the beginning of the beach section, past the teapot and the famous lighthouse. There are the dunes, almost directly at the harbour, if you walk straight ahead instead of turning left. At the dunes you can take really super nice photos or sit down or have a picnic! Okay, to be honest it was partly a closed area for nature conservation, but we took care not to leave any garbage behind and not to step on the plants unnecessarily. From the dunes you have a super nice view on the beach of Warnemünde, partly even on the harbour and on a lighthouse (no, not the one I told you about ;))).

If you look from the dunes in the other direction, not to the sea, you can see the teapot and the lighthouse I told you about - also a nice view. The dunes are therefore recommended in any case!

Our climb to the dunes (don’t worry, it won’t take more than a minute ;)

Here you can see the other view, the teapot and the lighthouse I told you about in the last post


After we relaxed a little bit in the dunes we went on: Warnemünde has three lighthouses: The pier lights Warnemünde are two small lighthouses on the western and eastern pier of Warnemünde. As a lateral sign they describe the entrance to the Unterwarnow coming from the Mecklenburg Bay, which one sees to the right side when one walks the long way to the green lighthouse. The other lighthouse, a red one, which we did not walk to, is on the opposite side of the Warnow.

A small tip: The way to this place is not long (about 10 minutes on foot if you start walking from the beach). But it is very windy there, my sister and I were very happy that our mother had taken headbands with her. In addition, you might want to take a change of clothes or wear clothes that dry quickly. On the way to the lighthouse it is almost impossible not to get wet by the waves!

Arrived at the lighthouse it was even wetter and the waves were so strong that the back side of the lighthouse got totally wet every time :)

Here you see a ferry on the Warnow, on the left is the opposite bank with the red lighthouse

The green pier light lighthouse!


My sister, happy to sit in a cafe and wait for the cake ;)

A great view of the port of Warnemünde

A side street in Warnemünde, which runs parallel to the harbour - here everything was a bit quieter

I hope you enjoyed the Post! It was the most beautiful day for us in Rostock, probably because I could finally see the sea again and we stopped doing the things you do at the sea - eating fish rolls and lying on the beach and sunbathing (even if I only blushed haha). Unfortunately it was still too cold for swimming but that will hopefully change in summer when I visit my sister again in August.

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Such a cool set of photos. That looks like a very nice area!

I'm so used to think about Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin when I think about Germany than I even forget you guys also have beaches! 😂

Thanks yeah its really a nice chill area and good for kitesurfing i will try it in August with my sister :) haha yeah we do have sea too 😋

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Have a nice time

Thank you!!

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You made me miss the beach so much! Huhu! I'm so jealous! I really hope I can go to the beach soon! 😭

Yeah we were so happy that we have the opportunity to travel in Germany itself! And on the phillipines you are Not allowed to? Do you live near the beach ? :)

We're not yet allowed to go to the beach here. 😢

I don't live near the beach, but it's not too far either. It's just that we're still on lockdown.

Hope for you that it will change soon ! 🙏

We have a place like this in Japan.
Good luck! both sky and sea are blue that is the beautiful sceneries.

Sounds great ! Japan is also on my travellist there is so much to See :)

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