A very exotic bay and beach in the north of Mallorca

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Hey, guys,

today it's again about one of our experiences on Mallorca - and as I think following the visit of the "most beautiful mountain village of Spain" also the most beautiful experience:

We went on a guided boat tour to Playa de Formentor.

The tour started at the port of Alcudia and sopped at Cap de Formentor. On the way there we stopped at many different bays like Cala Figuera, in one of them we could even swim in the sea. The sea had a great turquoise colour up to light blue, but it was only very clear near the shore. What I thin was very nice: The boat even had a slide, with which you could slide into the sea! So far I only knew something like that from yachts ;))

The boat tour itself took about four hours. Most of the time we were on the water and could admire the coastal landscape of Mallorca. But the highlight of the tour was the Cap de Formentor, where we had a whole hour for ourselves.

What was the cool thing of this beach: it is located in a romantic green bay and surrounded by pine forests and only a few buildings. It is a sandy beach, but there were also places where some smaller rocks protruded into the water.

Additionally, one has the possibility to do some water sports, but this was out of question for us with a one hour stay. The beach also offers restaurants, public showers and toilets and the rental of sunshades and sunbeds. About one kilometre from the beach is the beautiful green island Illa de Formentor. Unfortunately, we did not visit it, but it is definitely recommendable if you are already there! In the hinterland there is a fantastic mountain panorama. The Hotel Formentor at the end of the beach enjoys an international reputation. Winston Churchill and John Wayne were already guests here.

The beach reminded me very much of one in the Caribbean - well, I have never been to the Caribbean but it looked very much like those typical Caribbean pictures.

You have to drive quite far to the north of Mallorca to relax on this beach. But the long drive is worthwhile, as the Playa de Formentor close to Pollença waits for its visitors with a beautiful curved bay, crystal blue sea and shady trees. I also found this very pleasant: specially with our light skin we were very happy that the beach with the trees offered a lot of shade. There were indeed some tourists there, but the beach was also not crowded. We would have liked to stay here for more than one hour, so if you want to make a tour there I would recommend you to book a tour where the boat gives you a little more time there.

But also the journey by car should be great: The way leads along the road to Cap Formentor and offers breathtaking views and winding roads, especially for racing cyclists it is a popular route. The parking fee is about 10 euros and is relatively high. From the parking lot, a path along a pine forest leads to the beach and to the entrance of the luxury Hotel Formentor.

The beach itself is divided into two sections. The two sand areas are separated by a concrete platform where boats can moor. If you walk towards the beach, you can sit down on the right. If one wants to walk to the other beach section, one passes the shower and toilet facilities as well as a kiosk and a café. The only restaurant directly at the beach is not typical mallorquin, it reminded me a bit more of a canteen ;) But you can sit outside under the trees and have a nice view over the bay. The view over the bay is unique!

The Playa de Formentor is about one kilometre long, but the sandy area is very narrow and you are practically directly at the water. Daduhch there is not much lying space. But there were not so many tourists so that it was not a problem. Partly, there are also some pebbles on the beach, but basically, the sand is very fine and the entrance into the water is flat.

What I specially liked in the Playa de Formentor is that behind the sand area, one can walk a little elevated under the trees. From there, we almost had the perfect view over the bay and over the beach. Also nice: There were wooden loungers and straw umbrellas - that really strengthened the Caribbean effect a bit for me ;)

All in all, this romantic bay is very exotic! The green of the trees was very lush (so I hardly had to rework the pictures, fun ;) The turquoise and almost crystal clear water and the not-so-hilly landscape made the picture perfect! If you would like to visit the north of Mallorca, I would definitely visit this beach too!

While I was writing I again longed very much for a beach holiday. If you felt the same while reading, please write it in the comments ;)

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Now that's the kinda views I can get used to wow those beaches look amazing how was the water?

Me too! The water was nice not as clear as it seems but beautiful turquoise😍

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Wow very cool to view 😎

Thank you!! 🌞🌞

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I honestly didn't know Palma de Mallorca was this beautiful, both from this and your other post on the architecture! Really nice.

Thank you :) yeah the architecture there is great!

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